Time to read

With this issue, The Interim publishes a new (seasonal) section devoted to essays, reviews, and reading recommendations for books, current and classic. But why are we inaugurating this feature, and why now? The very same media environment which makes a book section counterintuitive—the world of an incessant news cycle fueling tweets, and likes and cancellations—is what makes this new initiative so important. [...]

2021-07-12T15:42:51-04:00July 12, 2021|Editorials|

Notes on Language and other thoughts

Paul Tuns: From the Editor’s Desk As usual I will utilize this column to bring to your attention some stories that did not quite grow up to be full articles in the paper. Sometimes this is because of space or time limitations, sometimes because there is not much more to say about the topic. But it reminds me of something that Jim [...]

2021-06-14T13:37:32-04:00June 14, 2021|Editorials, Paul Tuns|

North and south

If Canadians pro-lifers want to hear some good news, they need only look south of the border. Our conscientious counterparts in the United States can boast of both substantial achievements and undeniable momentum in their noble efforts in the protection of life: promising Supreme Court justices were appointed in the previous administration; states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida, among [...]

2021-06-08T09:51:31-04:00June 8, 2021|Editorials|

Transient truths

Twenty years is not a long time. In the United States, it is a period that could see as few as three presidents. Shorter than the term of most mortgages, a pair of decades is certainly not a timeframe in which one should expect, in healthy societies, radical changes to fundamental categories and definitions. And yet imagine the shock that someone describing [...]

2021-05-17T16:11:32-04:00May 17, 2021|Editorials, Society & Culture|

Let the Church be the Church

Ken Boessenkool argues on The Line, here, that “(i)f the Grace Life (sic) (Church) leaders want to truly make (sic) their case, they should be charged.” A Canadian Reformed Calvinist,[1] Boessenkool deems GraceLife Church’s holding packed Sunday services in Spruce Grove, Alberta, as civil disobedience. He implies they are unwilling to “accept the consequences of their actions,” including trial and imprisonment. He [...]

2021-04-13T11:13:29-04:00April 13, 2021|Editorials, Religion, Soconvivium|

Follow your conscience

Now that COVID-19 vaccinations are being made available across the country, Canadians find themselves facing important personal decisions about whether or not they should receive them—decisions which will require reflection, research, and prudence about a medical procedure which bears on personal physical health, social responsibility, and the inviolable dictates of conscience. From reading the headlines in the press, however, one wouldn’t think [...]

2021-04-07T11:51:16-04:00April 7, 2021|Abortion, Bioethics, Editorials|

From the editor’s desk, March 2021

By Paul Tuns I hope you are both informed and entertained by our large feature, “20 ways COVID is changing society.” Without getting into it too much, I want to point out that most, if not all of the changes, in society are the result of the anti-pandemic measures taken by governments around the world in response to the outbreak, rather than the [...]

2021-03-10T20:45:22-05:00March 10, 2021|Editorials, Paul Tuns|

Family in dark times

While the continuing COVID-crisis has been painful and alarming in equal parts, it has been clarifying, too. Never before in the living memory of most Canadians have the power and the meaning of our most primal bonds been felt so strongly or understood as clearly. In dark times, the real lights of our lives that are dimmed by daily familiarity glow which [...]

2021-03-09T14:34:07-05:00March 9, 2021|Editorials|

COVID’s paradoxes and contradictions

A year ago, a news story from the “World” section of the newspaper—reports about an outbreak of viral pneumonia in a Chinese city—became the world’s permanent headline for the rest of the year; twelve months later, we are still in its throes. While we all look forward to the day when we can take stock of the COVID-19 crisis as a thing [...]

2021-03-09T14:05:54-05:00March 9, 2021|Editorials|

From the Editor’s Desk

I saw online that Kathy Shaidle passed away on Jan. 9, after a long battle with cancer. She wrote her own obituary, which appeared on her blog Five Feet of Fury and that of her partner Arnie’s, Blazing Cat Fur. In it she wrote: “Contrary to cliche, Kathy did not conduct herself with particular ‘grace,’ ‘dignity’ or ‘courage’ in her final months. She [...]

2021-02-10T12:30:16-05:00February 6, 2021|Editorials, Paul Tuns|

No evil means

No good comes from rioting. When groups become crowds, and crowds become mobs, otherwise lawful citizens are prone to confusion, agitation, and manipulation. Acts that no citizen would think to perform on his own, and crimes that an individual wouldn’t dare to commit: these are the rule rather than the exception amidst the social contagion of mass gatherings. Such pressure and influence [...]

2021-02-11T13:00:08-05:00February 4, 2021|Editorials, Politics|

The population balm

Paul Tuns, Editor of The Interim Newspaper By Paul Tuns A parable of Saint Matthew’s Gospel describes a master who, before going on a journey, entrusts his property to three servants. Their charge is not a light one. They have, after all, been entrusted with the wealth — the very substance — of their lord. The talents imparted to them [...]

2020-12-05T12:58:36-05:00November 26, 2020|Announcements, Editorials, Paul Tuns, Population|


G.K Chesterton said, “When we were children we were grateful to those who filled our stockings at Christmas time. Why are we not grateful to God for filling our stockings with legs?” As always, there is much wisdom in Chesterton’s words which help remind us to appreciate that we are fortunate to be God’s hands and feet on Earth in the work [...]

2020-11-19T10:14:52-05:00October 7, 2020|Editorials|

Keep America

In 1994, the United States of America was enjoying peace and prosperity. The Cold War was over, the economy was thriving, and the third-youngest president in the country’s history had recently been elected; he and his centrist policies enjoyed popular support. And yet, even as the good times were rolling, a 5-foot-tall Albanian religious sister offered this country a dire warning and [...]

2020-12-06T16:20:12-05:00October 1, 2020|Abortion, Announcements, Editorials, Politics|

Now What?

After what seemed like an eternity – both the seven-month campaign and the six-hour wait for the results to be announced on August 23 – the outcome of the Conservative leadership campaign should not have been a surprise, even if some of us were. The “natural” strengths of Peter MacKay never materialized as he did not win Quebec as expected, his victories [...]

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