Terry Dalton RIP

Long-time Campaign Life Coalition supporter John Terrence (Terry) Dalton passed away on May 25 at the age of 86. Described by Paul Lauzon of the CLC Ottawa as a “lifetime supporter” of the organization, Dalton was a regular financial donor to the cause as well as a frequent letter-writer. He was involved with CLC locally from the beginning, and he would regularly [...]

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Fred Henry: the bishop who roars

Among Canada’s bishops, one stands out as extraordinarily vocal when promoting and defending the culture of life. He is Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary. In promoting the Catholic church’s teaching on life and marriage, Henry has clashed with former prime minister Paul Martin, the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal, Revenue Canada bureaucrats threatening his tax-exempt status and even fellow pro-lifers on occasion. The [...]

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Ubuntu: something our society needs

On June 17, 2008, the Boston Celtics broke their huddle with the chant “ubuntu,” just as they had before every game in their gruelling 116-game season. Then, they calmly walked out onto the parquet court of the New Boston Garden and won their 17th NBA championship, demolishing the Los Angeles Lakers by the eye-popping score of 131-92. It was, in the words of one [...]

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The West is not decadent?

I am no friend of Islamic fundamentalism and, according to some people, not even a particular friend of Islam itself. No need to defend myself. As a Christian and as a thinking human being, I embrace the inevitable conclusion of exclusive truth. In other words, if one belief is right, a contradictory belief has to be wrong. This should not [...]

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Spiritual revival stoked in Quebec

A recent large-scale religious event in Quebec City has raised hopes of revival not only in the spiritual realm, but in that of the state of human life and the family as well. The 49th International Eucharistic Congress attracted tens of thousands of people to a city also celebrating its 400th anniversary and that, until recent decades, was steeped in the Roman [...]

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Catholic mag, Maclean’s off hook

The controversy over human rights legislation and its attendant federal and provincial commissions – as well as the conduct of their employees and associates – continues to simmer despite the usual slowdown in political activity during the summer season. Two significant recent developments that have kept the pot boiling were the dismissals of human rights complaints against Catholic Insight and Maclean’s magazines. In the [...]

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Henry Morgentaler

1970: Morgentaler arrested in Quebec for performing an abortion in a free-standing abortuary, without approval from a hospital therapeutic abortion committee. 1973: Morgentaler announces he has performed 5,000 abortions. 1973: The Quebec Ministry of Revenue orders Morgentaler to pay $354,799 in unpaid income taxes. Following an out-of-court settlement, he pays $101,000 in back taxes. 1973-76: Morgentaler stanbs trial on four charges of [...]

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Past honourees return their snowflakes

At least eight Order of Canada recipients – or their families or inheritors of their legacies – have returned their awards to protest the governor-general giving abortionist Henry Morgentaler Canada’s highest civilian honour. Among those who have publicly returned their awards are Gilbert Finn, Fr. Lucien Larre and Frank Chauvin. As well, there is Madonna House, which returned the medal of its [...]

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Order of Canada dishonoured

The July 1 announcement by the governor-general that Henry Morgentaler is being named a member of the Order of Canada led to an unprecedented debate over the usually ignored award. Newspapers were full of opinion pieces and letters to the editor, talk radio debates were ignited and at least nine OC members returned their medals in protest, exposing Morgentaler as the most [...]

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Papal messages to Generations X & Y

When I was six turning seven, we had the Year of Three Popes. “What’s a pope?” I asked. My parents said something surprising, about him being the head of the church. As Anglicans, we prayed for the “Queen, head of the Commonwealth, defender of the faith.” At eight, I concluded I would better serve Jesus following the Apostles than the successor of [...]

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Order of Canada smells to high heaven

Maybe the Order of Canada is where Henry Morgentaler belongs. Maybe he fits in well with that group - well, some recipients of the Order of Canada. I didn’t hear about any flood of disgusted members filling the post office with their rejected snowflake awards when Morgentaler got his. Look who also joined the order on the day Morgentaler’s award was announced. [...]

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Michaelle Jean re-opens abortion issue

The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honoured among men” - Psalm 12:8. Rarely, if ever, has the awarding of the Order of Canada stirred up so much controversy as when it was announced on July 1 that Henry Morgentaler would be a recipient. The intent was to canonize a hero of the abortion “rights” movement. But awarding the [...]

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Bits and Pieces

Canada Andrew Coyne in Maclean’s on the significance of granting abortionist Henry Morgentalerthe Order of Canada: “It is about whether we are allowed to disagree; whether dissent on a contentious issue is respected or even recognized.” Coyne, in the same article, on the need to debate abortion within the political sphere: “Maybe, just maybe, if we start talking about it again, we might also [...]

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