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Although ‘Free Your Vote’ did not pass at CPC convention, grassroots send message to party

As The Interim reported in early May, the National Policy Committee of the Conservative Party of Canada took it upon themselves, in a closed door meeting and under the influence of Conservative MP Michelle Rempel (Calgary Nose Hill) and interim party leader Rona Ambrose, to scuttle socially conservative proposals from making their way to the party’s convention in Vancouver in late May. One [...]

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Liberals push C-14, may miss June 6 ‘deadline’ All amendments to bill defeated

Liberal House Leader Dominic LeBlanc cut short debate on C-14. The government has had trouble getting their “Medical assistance in dying” bill passed before June 6 following long debates, opposition from both sides of the debate, and Liberal Senators who say they will return the bill to the House of Commons if it does not include amendments broadening the euthanasia [...]

Pro-life, pro-family delegates influence Conservative convention

The headlines coming out of the 2016 Conservative policy convention in Vancouver May 26-28 was that the Tories became a modern, inclusive party because it accepted same-sex “marriage.” The social conservatives were defeated, if not outright vanquished, according to some pundits. That is a gross over-simplification of a more complex story, in which pro-life and pro-family delegates saw both victories and defeats [...]

Policy committee scuttled four socon resolutions ahead of CPC convention

Interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose interfered with the policy committee to nix pro-life proposal. After months of grassroots engagement at the riding and regional level, the National Policy Committee of the Conservative Party of Canada took it upon themselves to scuttle socially conservative proposals to the party’s convention in Vancouver. One resolution was reportedly reconsidered and nixed after the intervention of [...]

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