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Summer jobs depend on agreeing with state religion

Law Matters John Carpay The fascist disease of ideological coercion continues to spread in Canada’s body politic. For a charity to receive federal government funding through the Canada Summer Jobs program, the charity must now express agreement with Canada’s state religion, including support for legal abortion, transgenderism, and LGBTQ ideology. The Canada Summer Jobs program exists to create summer employment [...]

An ideological litmus-test

At America’s founding, the moral character of slavery was not in doubt. The contradiction of self-evident truths of man’s God-given rights being held in tandem with an iniquitous institution that violated those right by treating people as property was a scandal even then. Laws proposing slavery’s eventual abolition were discussed, and bans on slavery in new territories were proposed; its eventual elimination [...]

2018-02-03T08:20:23-05:00February 2, 2018|Editorials, Human rights, Politics, Society & Culture|
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