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Pro-life not merely a religious view

Rory Leishman It is astonishing that even today so many prominent advocates of legalized abortion still think the point at which human life begins is a matter of philosophical debate and religious dogma rather than settled science. In an article entitled “Atheists and the Pro-Life Movement,” Mary FioRito of the Ethics and Public Policy Center cites the example of Justice Sonia Sotomayor [...]

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Interim writer, Josie Luetke, Talk Turkey I watched Bishop Robert Barron’s interview of actor Shia LaBeouf a couple of months ago about his conversion to Catholicism. Some British singer/actor, “Oli London,” is apparently converting too, at least to Christianity, and de-transitioning back to male as a result. I wish them the best and I’m happy to hear that they’re seemingly [...]

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The Nuremberg Code is not respected in Canada

John Carpay An extreme pessimist would say that the only thing man learns from history is that man learns nothing from history. In support of his argument, the extreme pessimist could point to the massive daily violations of the Nuremberg Code, created by the Nuremberg Military Tribunal in the case of United States v Karl Brandt et al., one of the Nuremberg [...]

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The unacknowledged revolution

Donald De Marco He was born in a stable to poor parents. There were no nurses or doctors in attendance, but some animals and a few nearby shepherds. His home would be the small town of Nazareth about which it was said, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” This is a most unpromising beginning of a revolution. And yet, despite all its unpromising circumstances, it [...]

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The curse of the mummy’s tomb is credulity

Rick McGinnis This year has been the half-century anniversary of a lot of things. I recently wrote about the 50th anniversary of The Godfather, but the significance of this cultural event wouldn’t become important to me until much later in life. More crucial to my world when I was eight years old was the Treasures of Tutankhamun exhibit, opened at the British [...]

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They shall name him Emmanuel

Our story starts in Paradise. The very word, “Eden,” cannot fail to conjure images of perfection, of a natural world which offers bliss without brambles, a habitat in which the Almighty Himself walked with us in the cool of the evening (Gen 3:8). Indeed, Adam, Eve, and God made a kind of “trinity,” a harmonious community of humanity and divinity, a perfect [...]

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No to a Covid Amnesty

Andrew Lawton A comedian with whom I worked on a project a while back once told me that there are no bad experiences in life – just good experiences and material. As a columnist and commentator, I’ve certainly tried to embrace this, and channel life’s unpleasantness into something constructive. That said, I must confess I could live with a bit less material than [...]

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Trucker Convoy 2022: the rise and fall of a Canadian freedom movement

Angelica Vecchiato, Review The Freedom Convoy: The Inside Story of Three Weeks that Shook the World by Andrew Lawton (Sutherland House, $21, 168 pages) The three-week sojourn of Canadian truckers on Parliament Hill shattered the record for the longest lasting convoy the world had ever seen. In sub-zero February temperatures, peace-making Canadians shocked the world, breaking from their pacifist constitution and rebelling against [...]

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Christmas movies you’d likely never heard of

Michael Taube Can you name a popular Christmas movie? I’ll bet you could immediately think of a few. Your children and grandchildren could easily triple that number, too. From memorable cinematic renditions of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, to timeless animated classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas and Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town, there’s a holiday treasure for just about everyone. [...]

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The government of Jesus, and the ‘separation of Church and State’

Harley Price It tells you something about the times that when you Google “Jesus Christ” one of the first suggestions that pops up in the auto-fill menu is “Jesus Christ Superstar.”   As a ubiquitous phenomenon of popular modern culture, the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical has been one of the most effective forces for the infantilization of the Western mind of the [...]

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40 Days for Life in Winnipeg saves baby

Mary Zwicker In a moving tribute to the power of spiritual warfare, a 40 Days for Life group in Winnipeg has recently informed The Interim that their prayers during a 40-day prayer initiative have saved a child from abortion. Maria Slykerman, the 40 Days for Life coordinator in Winnipeg, said that despite losing many volunteers over the years to age or sickness, [...]

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NDP calls for more abortions in Saskatchewan

Paul Tuns On Nov. 9, a pair of NDP MLAs called upon the Saskatchewan Party government of Scott Moe to guarantee more surgical abortions be committed in the province by introducing a province-wide intake system and opening two abortion centres in Saskatoon and Prince Albert. Official Opposition Status of Women Critic Jennifer Bowes and Democracy and Ethics Critic Meara Conway were leading [...]

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Pope Francis appoints three pro-aborts to Pontifical Academy for Life

Paul Tuns Pope Francis recently named six new members to the Pontifical Academy for Life for five-year terms, including five who oppose the Catholic Church’s teaching on abortion and contraception: economist Mariana Mazzucato, former Botswana health minister Sheila Dinotshe Tlou, Monsignor Phillipe Bordeyne, Father Humberto Miguel Yáñez, and bioethics professor Roberto Dell’Oro Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Pope John Paul II founded the Academy [...]

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Medical student group pushing for mandatory abortion training

Mary Zwicker In an alarming new threat to the sanctity of human life and the integrity of medicine in Canada, a group of medical students at a Canadian university are calling for medical schools across the country to provide comprehensive abortion education to all future doctors as a mandatory part of their programs. On March 10, an organization known as SexMed, founded [...]

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N.B abortionist still killing babies despite selling abortuary

Mary Zwicker Despite selling its building due to lack of government funding, an abortion mill in New Brunswick has been given temporary permission by the building’s new owners to continue offering its gruesome services from that location.   Clinic 554 in Fredericton, the only privately run abortion mill in New Brunswick, was forced to shut its doors and sell their building in September [...]

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