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Tapasztald meg a szerencsejáték világát az Excite Win online kaszinóval!

Szerencsejáték portál Excite Win - az egyik olyan erőforrás, amely nem büszkélkedhet túl hosszú jelenléttel az online szerencsejáték piacon. Emiatt valójában minden felhasználó ismeri ezt a céget. A szolgáltatás portfóliójában igazán vonzó lehetőségeket találhat szerencsejáték lottó. Emiatt természetesen minden játékos talál itt magának valamit, függetlenül a preferenciáitól. Mert mi miatt bonushunters hajlamosak általában hajlamosak menni Excite Win kaszinó? - video nyerőgépek hatalmas [...]

2024-02-24T16:38:33-05:00February 24, 2023|Issues|

Not your typical Super Bowl halftime show

The totally understated pro-life message in the 2023 Super Bowl Angelica Vecchiato:   The 2023 Super Bowl-- a close game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles-- went down in history for several reasons: the Kelce brothers clashing against one another other on opposite ends of the field, star player Mahomes’ strained ankle, and Justina Miles, the first female “deaf performer,” signing [...]

2023-02-17T10:08:32-05:00February 17, 2023|Marriage and Family, Society & Culture|

And Then There Was This, February 2023

David Daleiden wins landmark lawsuit David Daleiden, an American pro-life activist who founded the Center for Medical Progress in 2013, produces undercover video recordings to expose Planned Parenthood’s (PP) nefarious activities around the “aborted baby parts trade” (i.e. the selling of aborted fetal tissue and organs for profit). This has resulted in PP being discredited, but has also led to civil and [...]

2023-02-16T08:34:24-05:00February 16, 2023|Abortion, Politics, Society & Culture|

Pope Benedict XVI, defender of human life, dies at age 95

Paul Tuns: Pope emeritus Benedict XVI died on Dec. 31 at the Vatican, and while most legacy media coverage focused on his history-making retirement in 2013, only eight years into his pontificate, and his role in the liturgical conflicts within the Catholic Church after Vatican II, he also left a legacy calling for universal respect and protection of human life. As an [...]

2023-02-16T08:32:27-05:00February 16, 2023|Abortion, Religion|

The most effective pro-life campaigner you’ve never heard of

Russell E. Kuykendall: Lorne Anthony (“Tony”) Reznowski served as a pro-life evangelist and conscience to candidates, Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members of Legislative and National Assemblies (MLAs and MNAs), Ministers of the Crown, and to party organizers, activists and youth. First and always, Tony was a devoted follower of Jesus, a family man, and a faithful supporter of his parish. These [...]

2023-02-15T11:46:00-05:00February 15, 2023|Politics|

Too much information and little lies

Interim writer, Rick McGinnis, Amusements Rick McGinnis: Ten years ago, journalist Leah McLaren wrote something that would come back to haunt her: “I have a secret to tell you: The best confessional writing isn’t the truth.” The first sentence of an article published in Chatelaine magazine, it was a reflection back on a career writing about herself and her experiences [...]

2023-02-14T14:08:56-05:00February 14, 2023|Rick McGinnis|

I did not think until I saw

Donald DeMarco, Commentary: An Epiphany is a revelation or awakening that is a life-changing event. It is an illumination that allows a person to see something in a new light. The Feast of the Epiphany celebrates the revelation to the world of Christ, associated with the Magi. There has been a number of personal epiphanies that not only changed lives, but also the [...]

2023-02-13T14:45:21-05:00February 13, 2023|Abortion|

Life is good

Interim writer, Josie Luetke, Talk Turkey Josie Luetke: I find it helpful to make sense of the world through various dichotomies—good versus evil, light versus darkness, life versus death, existence versus non-existence, something versus nothing. In the movie Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb, tasked with implanting an idea in a sleeping target’s subconscious. To accomplish “inception,” he needs “the simplest [...]

2023-02-13T14:45:06-05:00February 13, 2023|Abortion, Josie Luetke|

More than 1700 babies survive abortions in U.S.

Born-Alive protection act passes House of Representatives Paul Tuns: According to research from the Abortion Survivors Network, an average of 1700 babies survive abortions in the United States each year. Examining data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the Network found that the average rate of infants born alive after botched abortion is 0.21 per cent. The CIHI recorded 766 late-term, [...]

2023-02-08T12:09:56-05:00February 8, 2023|Abortion|

A lesson in respecting precedent

Rory Leishman: On Dec. 19, a six-judge panel of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts unanimously affirmed in Kligler v. Massachusetts Attorney General that no person has a constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide. For the United States, this ruling was not unusual. In 10 states plus the District of Columbia, legislatures – not the courts -- have legalized physician assisted suicide. However, [...]

2023-02-08T12:04:00-05:00February 8, 2023|Euthanasia, Rory Leishman|

Trustee Del Grande suffers judicial setback

Interim Staff: Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) trustee Mike Del Grande lost an Ontario Superior Court decision in his petition to quash sanctions imposed on him by the majority of the elected school board for using rhetoric supposedly “offensive” to LGBTQ activists and students in his defense of Catholic sexual and gender teaching. In 2019 and 2020, Del Grande opposed a [...]

2023-02-07T13:24:15-05:00February 7, 2023|Marriage and Family, Politics, Religion, Society & Culture|

My 23 hours in jail

John Carpay: My recent 23 hours in a Calgary jail on Dec. 30-31 remind me of the fact that our circumstances can feel either incredibly difficult or quite easy depending on what we compare them to.  On the afternoon of Friday, Dec. 30, I was working at my office when I received a phone call from Calgary Police Services detective Mark Weir [...]

2023-02-07T13:12:40-05:00February 7, 2023|John Carpay|

Babies saved by pro-life laws enabled by Dobbs decision

Oswald Clark: According to a study from the pro-abortion WeCount coalition, the number of abortions in the United States fell by 10,000 in the first two months following the Dobbs decision in June 2022 that overturned the infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion across the United States. While Dobbs did not recriminalize abortion, it permitted states that had “trigger” laws [...]

2023-02-06T14:05:31-05:00February 6, 2023|Abortion, Politics|

March for Life

The March for Life in Washington D.C. was a rousing success with at least 100,000 people marching in the U.S. capital. The focus this year was moved from the Supreme Court of the United States to Congress, befitting the new reality of abortion that occurred after the Court’s decision last June overturning Roe v. Wade in its Dobbs decision. That ruling said [...]

2023-02-01T11:09:37-05:00February 1, 2023|Abortion|

Canadians join first March for Life since Roe overturned

By Angelica Vecchiato: A cohort of young Canadians attended the American March for Life on Jan. 20, marking the first annual pro-life rally since the overturning of Roe v. Wade in June 2022. The pro-life delegation of 37 youth, led by Campaign Life Coalition Youth (CLCY) coordinators Maeve Roche and Kim Headley, set off by bus on the evening of Jan. 19 [...]

2023-02-01T11:05:40-05:00February 1, 2023|Abortion|
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