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Social conservatives score wins at Conservative policy convention

Paul Tuns: From Sept. 7-9, Conservative delegates from across the country assembled in Quebec City for the party’s biannual policy convention, where they elected a new National Council and voted on dozens of policies for the platform and constitutional amendments that govern the party. While the policies are not binding – a point leader Pierre Poilievre made to the media before the [...]

2023-10-03T08:38:45-04:00October 3, 2023|Marriage and Family, Politics, Society & Culture|

Pro-lifers criticize Trump’s embrace of abortion compromise

Oswald Clark: During a Sept. 17 interview on NBC's Meet the Press with new host Kristen Walker, former president Donald Trump said six-week abortion bans are hurting Republicans and that he would broker a compromise on abortion that would satisfy both pro-life and pro-abortion activists so the country and the Republican Party could move on from the issue. Pro-life activists were quick [...]

2023-10-03T08:13:33-04:00October 3, 2023|Abortion, Politics|

Life to the Full

Life to the Full: True Stories that Reveal the Dignity of Every Human Life Edited by Abby Johnson and Tyler Rowley (Ignatius Press, $16.95 pb or ebook, 178 pages) Life to the Full is a collection of more than 20 first-person accounts by women and doctors as they confront the reality of abortion. Many of the stories are chilling and this is [...]

2023-10-02T16:13:13-04:00October 2, 2023|Abortion, Reviews|

The truth about Indian Residential Schools

Rory Leishman: For 15 years, blameless Christians dedicated to the care and teaching of children within Canada’s Indian Residential Schools (IRS) have been lumped in with the few perverts in their midst and vilified with the most outrageous smears. Yet no political leaders or clerical leaders within the churches -- Anglican, Catholic, Presbyterian, and United -- which ran these schools for the [...]

2023-10-02T16:01:25-04:00October 2, 2023|Religion, Rory Leishman, Society & Culture|
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