As the year came to an end, Campaign Life Coalition’s petition campaign to defund abortion in Ontario had garnered nearly 10,000 signatures over the previous two months.

CLC national president Jim Hughes told The Interim the campaign “was going well” and that “other provinces will benefit from Ontario’s experience.”

Hughes also said the petitions will be presented to MPPs when they return to Queen’s Park in February.

On Dec. 17, CLC Youth conducted a pamphleting blitz in three ridings in Hamilton, Toronto, and Sudbury targeting three pro-abortion NDP MPPs – leader Andrea Horwath, Cheri DiNovo, and France Gelinas – with nearly 20 supporters distributing a “hammer piece” with information about taxpayer-funding of abortion. The cover of the pamphlet said, “Your MPP wants your tax dollars to pay for…” and inside the brochure was a picture of an aborted baby under the word, “this.”

CLCY director Alissa Golob told The Interim, “We had three groups of young people in these three ridings, deliver over 1,000 pamphlets total.”

Golob explained, “Our goal in conducting the blitz was to send the message that this issue isn’t going away and to hold the MPPs accountable for their position supporting abortion and abortion funding.”

In January, the campaign spreads province-wide as young people in communities across Ontario will deliver pamphlets to encourage MPPs to take action to defund abortion.