Show the Truth evangelizes: the truth of abortion

From August 5-10, Show the Truth Canada forced Quebecers to face the reality of abortion.

Led by an Ontario team directed by coordinator Rose Mary Connell from Burnt River in Ontario, the number of participants this year almost doubled from 28 last year in Montreal to 45 this time around – with nearly a third of them being courageous, idealistic youngsters. It was the culmination of work that began in October 2000. One can almost compare it with giving birth to a child.

The principal force sustaining this enterprise, now and in the future, are the continuous prayers rising up to Heaven through the intercession of a great number of religious communities, prayer groups and individuals.

Once again the outcome of this initiative surpassed organizers wildest expectations. Campaigne Quebec Vie President Gilles Grondin was busy doing media interviews with the daily newspapers, radio and television wherever we were demonstrating: Sherbrooke, Three-Rivers, Quebec City and Montreal.

In the course of that one week we were able to hand out 10,000 leaflets covering different aspects surrounding the issue of abortion, including misinformation and outright lies, the link between abortion and breast cancer, statistical material outlining health risks and costs, etc¼ Other flyers contained pictures of the beginning of life during pregnancy. Special thanks should also go here to Respect de la Vie-Mouvement d’Éducation, and more particularly its Ottawa branch which has been our principal source of some very informative leaflets indeed.

Unlike last year when we limited ourselves to a series of demonstrations in just one city (Montreal) this summer’s tour was a demanding multi-city tour. As you will readily understand, making a tour of a large province such as Quebec puts some serious limitations on the use of time: be it for sleeping, eating,traveling or inadvertent surprises and eventualities that may include.

Despite the generally excellent attitude of the police towards us diplomatic skills nevertheless came in very handy in order to deal with the insecurity our display of the consequences of abortion may have caused in the hearts and minds of some.

At the end of the tour we arrived in Montreal to demonstrate in front of the Paladin Laboratories, Inc., the manufacturer of the morning-after pill sold as Plan B.

The good Lord seems to have instilled into our hearts a firm desire to give witness in favour of Life, and our hearts ache from the fear of having been unequal to that very heavy task, to give witness to the truth in favour of Life: it was at least the most vivid one.

We challenge each and every person facing these pictures never to forget the inviolable and sacred beauty of God’s image in each and everyone of us. Abortion acts against all that is most sacred and profound in us as far as our deepest aspirations are concerned explaining the at times very strong reactions of some in face of the death or life spectacle we confront people with.

It was our experience in the course of our journey through Quebec to constantly taste the presence of God with our hearts responding positively to the project He had been inviting us to carry out. It is the joy and the peace of the Kingdom of Heaven which are very contagious indeed, and the persons who observed us were aware of this joy and peace in ourselves. We also experience the insufficiency or the fallen nature of our humanity in the face of the love of Him who forgives everything! Which is indeed what our message is all about.

I should like to stress one more important point which is that the grace accorded by Our Lord to Quebec through the intervention of the Show the Truth team deserves a response of some kind. Meaning that those who carry within themselves this ever-burning flame of love for the most vulnerable amongst human beings – the unborn – want us to nurture this love within ourselves by becoming ourselves evermore involved in the pro-life movement.

Translation from French by Guido De Volder