Gordon Watson who has been a constant thorn in the side of the B.C. government has been jailed for contempt of court and ordered to stay away from an abortuary.

However, after serving one day in jail, Watson was granted an appeal and was freed until the appeal was heard.  Prosecutor Carey Veinotte asked Judge Mary Southin to order Watson to file his appeal documents at the earliest possible date.  The Judge refused, saying she wouldn’t “impose terms and conditions we don’t impose on other people who commit murder.”

His prison term is set for 21 days and his probation period for protesting at Everywoman’s Health Centre will be 18 months.

Earlier this year, Watson blew the whistle on NDP Attorney General Colin Gabelmann who he claimed was having clandestine meetings with operatives in abortion industry.  Gabelmenn subsequently submitted a false affidavit saying he had not been present at those meetings.  Through freedom of information, Watson was able to prove that Gabelmann was lying.

He now feels that he is an obvious target of not only the Attorney General’s office but also the Attorney General’s pro-abortion allies.

“It’s a continuing campaign to harass law-abiding pro-lifers,” claimed Watson.

In August, Watson was charges with assault and contempt of court.  The assault charge stems from accusations that he shoved away a camera that was pointed in his face during a protest at Everywoman’s Health Centre.  The contempt of court charge was based on his violation of an earlier court order pertaining to that particular abortuary.

He must also face trial on November 28 on charges of creating a disturbance at another abortuary, and on January 17 where he faces another assault charge.