Approximately 100 pro-lifers picketed Premier Peterson at the Liberal policy convention in Windsor on January 25.

Unusual and even overwhelming support was offered by passers-by in Windsor.  The picketers were cheered-on by most people as they were walking or driving by.  In response the protesters distributed 1000 flyers which carried a copy of Premier Peterson’s promise to close the abortuary in Toronto and proof that the premier can and should live up to his promise.

The Premier was confronted by protesters on three different occasions throughout the day.  Each time he denied that there was anything more that he could do.  One protester, Dr. Carmello Scime of Hamilton, pointed out to Premier Peterson that Morgentaler’s last acquittal was invalid because the Ontario Supreme Court of Appeal has ordered a new trial.  The Premier responded, “That’s where you and I can’t agree.”

In “workshop” sessions of the convention, three resolutions on abortion were defeated and were therefore not forwarded to the main session to be voted on.  The resolutions were:

  • In favour of legalizing the Morgentaler clinic on trial basis.
  • In favour of mandatory exploration of the risks and complications of abortion to those seeking legal abortions.
  • In favour of OHIP coverage for abortions at 85 Harbord Street.

Pro-lifers considered the Windsor protest a very successful picket.