On February 3, pro-life picketer, Francisco Ganhao was found guilty of causing a disturbance by shouting at the back of the abortuary, was given a suspended sentence and ordered to stay away from the abortuary for two years.

Last August 1, Francisco Ganaho, Father Lawrence Abello and Sonja Holtforster were charged with causing a disturbance.  Father Abello was found not guilty in October and Ms Holtforster’s charges have yet to be heard.

Metro Police Constables Counsel and Neilson testified that Mr. Ganhao was standing at the back of the abortuary along with the two others shouting statements such as “death dealer,” “baby killer” and “Morgendollar.”  The shouting lasted one-and-a-half minutes.

Mr. Ganhao is a retired carpenter and has been a constant picketer at the abortuary since it reopened in December of 1984.  He told the court that the only thing he said at the back of the abortuary that day was “Morgentaler butcher.”

He was ordered to stay at least 200 meters from the abortuary.