Guy Rondeau, who plans to run from coast to coast to raise funds for the pro-life movement, and to publicize and popularize the pro-life cause, has regretfully decided to postpone his run until next year.  He had originally hoped to start running this May, but it has become evident to him that it will take another year to set up a proper support organization and to get together the staff and equipment he will need on the road.  He had hoped that he would be able to get the use of a vehicle and driver to accompany him and to collect a sufficient starting fund for the effort in the next few months, but this does not seem likely at present.

His revised plan is to do a run from Quebec City to Montreal this spring, and thereby to raise a starting fund for the big cross-Canada run.  He has already sold his hairdressing business and is in training with a local athletic club.  Another, and to him a more important part of his training, is a crash course in pro-life speaking, and since he is new to the movement, this means reading and studying all the literature surrounding the life issues.  In one of his first speaking engagements he spoke recently to an audience of over one hundred people at a Franciscan monastery, which must have been an interesting experience for a young born-again Christian!