The pro-life movement has seldom received any corporate or media support and for this reason has always survived at a grassroots level.

Events such as the September 10 Christian Family seminar are perfect examples of how the movement strengthens its grassroots and stays alive, despite the unfriendly times.

Held in a small Ukrainian-rite Church basement, the lively seminar drew over 1000 people who, for the most part, cannot make it out to the larger annual pro-life conventions.

Jin Hughes, president of Campaign Life Coalition, led the conference with his state-of-the-union address, focusing especially on the Cairo conference on Population and Development.

Judy Anderson, past president of Real Women, spoke on the problems I the education system. Twenty-four-year-old Rebecca Morcos gave an energetic account of a recent cross-Canada tour, where her group managed to speak to over 60,000 teenagers on chastity.

Sabina McLuhan updated the gathering on Canada’s push for euthanasia and Margaret Purcell spoke on behalf of the Christian Heritage Party.

The key-note address was given y Dr. Damian Fedoryka, former president of Christendom College. He warned pro-lifers of getting caught up in the anti-life rhetoric. He also urged the movement to look for new ways of hitting corporations who support the abortion industry where it hurts most – in the pocket book.

Event organizer Michaeline Bennett feels that this could be the way of the future for the pro-life movement. “it is not difficult to find interesting and informative pro-life speakers,” she said. “If every church held one such conference every year, we could have an incredibly informed and active movement.”

“It’s a way of building the pro-life family.”