Show the Truth completed a successful presentation at an intersection in Brooklin, Ont. despite an altercation caused by two angry passersby on July 12.

Rosemary Connell, Show the Truth president, explained that the problem began when an irate woman tore apart two Show the Truth signs and another man threatened to do so as well. When Show the Truth personnel called the police to diffuse the situation, they were dismayed to find the police exhibiting hostility and lacking in professionalism. “They were more interested in arguing about abortion than dealing with the problem,” said Connell. Participant Paul Charron, who was disturbed by the incident, said, “We were treated unjustly.”

A supervisor, however, later confirmed Show the Truth’s right to spread information on the sidewalks of the town. Connell said the issue would not be taken further and was unimportant in light of the success of the event.

She pointed out that, although Show the Truth personnel occasionally have to stand their ground, the incident was unusual and the police are normally reasonable and professional and will not interfere with Show the Truth’s rights. The offending woman was told by a passer-by that her behaviour was unacceptable.

Connell said that the event was a marked success. Show the Truth’s presentation, which takes the plight of the preborn to the streets by displaying large colour photos of the wonder of life in the womb and the horror of abortion, received a range of strong reactions. A flood of calls to police dispatchers attested to its effectiveness. When the police complained about the level of calls to Connell, she suggested that they tell the callers that Show the Truth’s actions were legal and to provide them with Connell’s phone number if they wished to discuss the matter further. Connell was surprised when the police called a few days later to ask for permission to give out her number. She said the action was “very reasonable on the police’s part.”

The presentation took part on the second day of a five-day Show the Truth tour through the Durham region. Approximately 35 pro-lifers participated in the event. Connell said the half of the group which were under the age of 25 provided a particularly strong witness to the pro-life message.

Show the Truth visited Montreal in June and will be coming to Toronto in early August. Call CLC’s Toronto office (416-204-1687 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              416-204-1687      end_of_the_skype_highlighting) for more information.