As reported in the March ’83 edition of The Interim, Campaign life Alberta has been organizing a signature collection campaign to celebrate the Edmonton Pro-Life Week, May 8 to may 15, endorsed by Edmonton Mayor, Cec Purvis.

The drive had collected 36,000 signatures by Tuesday, April 26. Kathleen Toth, National Campaign life President, told The Interim in a phone interview that she expected 37,000 by Thursday, April 28, the last day of the campaign.

195 communities throughout Alberta have sent in 10 or more names and they will be listed alphabetically in 6 daily newspapers across the province, along with the remaining individual names. Original plans called for the signatures to appear in 10 dailies to reach 588,000 readers. The advertisement will now appear in 6 dailies and will be seen by 416,000 people.

The drive has demanded Mrs. Toth’s attention from morning to night over the past few weeks. She feels it has all been well worth the effort.