She was beautiful, almost radiant. She was intelligent, witty, poised. She was, in fact, everything that a young woman like myself (who likes to think herself “liberated”) would strive to emulate. But when Iona Campagnolo uttered her strategized pro-abortion clichés with chilling, resentful conviction, my illusion of her and any respect I had for her, was shattered…

About two days before Ms. Campagnolo was scheduled to appear in Mississauga, we decided to stage a protest outside of the Meadowvale Community Center where the Liberal Party President was to appear. As concerned citizens of the community, we simply wanted to demonstrate that, not only are we aware of Ms. Campagnolo’s active support of C.A.R.A.L. and illegal abortionist Henry Morgentaler, but we are in firm opposition to her obvious pro-abortion-on-demand position and, therefore, find her an undesirable representative of Canadians.

Signs were made, I was asked to be the spokesperson and we were aided by the advice of Bonnie Grootenboer who organized a similar protest against Iona in Thunder Bay. On these rather unprofessional terms, we prayed until the evening arrived.

On June 1, at 7:30 p.m. we met together and almost immediately gained strength. The cause was positive and the turnout affirmed this. Approximately 40 citizens of all ages walked in front or the Community Center, peacefully carrying signs that read:

Our liberal MP, Douglas Fisher, approached with plastic smile and forced political warmth as he introduced himself to us and (since he was so useless to the unborn when we first met with him years ago) suggested that we “get together” to discuss our concerns after he gets back from a real family-oriented weekend (a wedding and bar mitzvah to attend) in Winnipeg. Quaint.

While awaiting Iona, various press reporters spoke to me. They were polite, interested and quite open to our purpose for protesting. Not one representative of the pro-abortionists was there to voice an opinion.

Almost half an hour late, Ms. Campagnolo got out of her car with an icy air of sophistication, and, unescorted, she made her way into our own circle. I heard her immediately ask for the spokesperson, and I believe that’s when my body grew numb…

However, when I faced that radiant woman with the cold, almost irate look in her eyes, I no longer feared her. It was she who lost that smug composure, and I felt as sorry for her as I do for all of those misled women who resort to the lonely, empty old clichés of “every child a wanted child” and “freedom to choose”. I asked her if she didn’t really see how abortion exploited women, and all she replied was that none of us speaks for or help the poor women in the middle – whatever “in the middle” means. After several such remarks were exchanged, Campagnolo bitterly thanked us for coming, haughtily turned away and headed straight for the Community Center doors.

Later on, inside, after an extremely well-rehearsed speech about how promising the future looks if left in the hands of the Liberal Party, planned questions from chosen members of the audience were recited. One question that was not so well received, however, was posed by Right-to-Life member Annie Bergshoeff. Annie noted that Ms. Campagnolo had a great deal to say about responsibility and about our challenge to develop more selfless attitudes in these times of rapid technological advancement. She simply wondered, then, whether the Liberal Party would also reevaluate its respect for the unborn, due to the leaps we’ve made in the study of fetology. Ms. Campagnolo failed to address the specifics of Annie’s medically factual question, and heatedly reiterated her spiel on how tired she is of being confronted by extremists and how, while she is a mother, she will not stand to see any woman denied her freedom to choose. And finally (once again), although she loves her children, she believes that every child deserves to be wanted, loved and raised in a sound family structure (Did you qualify?). She criticized us for imposing our morality on others at the cost of poor women in particular, and she exhausted her opinion of us narrow-minded, insensitive, hysterical Right-to-Lifers, etc.

Not only was her response unoriginal, but the contempt with which Ms. Campagnolo replied, was enough to demonstrate that compassion or a desire to achieve “liberation” is not what drives a woman like her. No indeed. The motive is something far more baffling even than money. What makes a woman so determined to guarantee the right of another woman to exploit and do violence to herself and to her unborn baby is not only incomprehensible, it is terrifying.