The following contains an editorial from The Catholic Register, Mar. 5, 1983 on Mr. Borowski’s predicament.

As pointed out below, Joe Borowski needs cash – a lot of it. He wants to challenge the abortion law’s failure to protect the unborn child.

It will cost $350,000.

Borowski knows pro-life groups live on the boarder of the black and the red, so he’s not confident of the amount of money suddenly appearing. He also needs your prayers.

The trial of the century may soon be underway in this country, when Joe Borowski challenges Canada’s Minister of Justice in court over the constitutionality of the abortion law next May 9. And yet Joe told a news conference February 24, the trial will only take place if he has sufficient support from across Canada.

The trial has all the markings of an historic watershed. No one has been satisfied with the legality of the abortion situation. The pro-“choice” advocates want more abortion; the pro-lifers want the holocaust of tiny victims stopped.

The outcome all depends on the new Charter of Rights. The charter guarantees the right to life of every living person. Is the unborn child a person? When does life begin? When is it human?

It takes a very great individual to bring a matter like this to a head. Joe Borowski has elected to be the one to face the Department of Justice with the claim that the amendment to the criminal code, under the Omnibus Bill of 1969, setting up the present therapeutic abortion committees across Canada, is unconstitutional.

The results of this trial could be tremendous, because, if successful, it would mean that the Omnibus Bill would be struck down and Canada would return to the situation prior to 1969.

The chances are hopeful. In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled, 7 to 2, to allow a citizen to challenge the constitutionality of an act of Parliament (i.e. the Omnibus Bill). Since 1969 a great deal has been learned about the humanity and the personhood of the unborn child. The moment of truth is approaching.

Joe Borowski has raised $100,000 for the trial. He needs another $250,000 to see it through. If this sum is not raised by May 1, there will be no trial. But there must be a trial, because the truth cannot be denied. Joe needs your help to win. We all need it.

Joe’s aim is summed up in his own words: “I want to see capital punishment for the unborn abolished in Canada.”