Once again, tens of thousands of Canadian pro-lifers gathered in communities from coast to coast to provide a peaceful, prayerful pro-life witness on Sept. 30. Some locations reported attendance was up, some found their numbers down, but overall pro-lifers reported the mood was good as they brought the truth about abortion – that it kills an unborn baby – to hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of passers-by. It is estimated that at busy intersections in large cities, as many as 5,000 vehicles containing an average of more than two people would see the witness.

Organizers from communities across the country reported that in almost every car the occupants would point to the signs or appear to begin talking about what they just saw. This is vital because it forces an apathetic public to think about abortion, if only briefly. Pro-life advocates thank everyone who gave one hour to this pro-life witness, doing their small but important part in giving a voice to the tiny, voiceless unborn – 115,000 of whom are slaughtered by abortion each year in this country.