The Right to Life Association of Thunder Bay and area published 3,000 names in the Chronicle-Journal on May 11.

Containing names from Thunder Bay, Beardmore, Emo, Fort Frances, Jellico, Nipigon, Marathon, Rainy River, Schreiber and Terrace Bay, the Prologue in the ad reads:

“The persons listed herein have voluntarily offered their names for publication and their donations have paid the cost of said publication. It is important, we feel, that all persons taken not that this is not a simple petition, but indeed a proclamation. PUBLISHED BY THE SIGNATORIES HAVING THEMSELVES PAID FOR THE RIGHT TO PLACE THEIR NAMES ON THE PROCLAMATION.

“Further, all persons wished to HAVE THEIR NAMES PUBLISHED ALPHABETICALLY so that all may readily be seen as having stood up and been counted for Life. “We acknowledge with deep gratitude all persons involved in the Signature Ad PROCLAMATION, those who gathered names and those who prepared them for publication. To the undersigned, may we offer profound thanks on behalf of the pre-born babies, the handicapped, the unwanted and the aged. This Proclamation – opposing abortion, infanticide and euthanasia – serves notice to all that we believe whenever human life is threatened, vast numbers of people will stand up and proclaim that THE RIGHT TO LIFE IS PARAMOUNT TO ALL OTHER RIGHTS and the right to choose is limited by and is clearly and resolutely superceded by the RIGHT TO LIFE.”

The Proclamation states: “We the undersigned, hereby proclaim our absolute respect for all human life from the first moment of conception until natural death. We choose Life.”

The two-page ad also contains facts on fetal development, photographs of the baby in the womb and descriptions of how the baby hears, sees, touches, moves, tastes and feels pain.