By: Jim McManamy

Shall I vote for the man or vote for the party? This is a question which many people consider before an election and one which pro-life voters will be asking themselves before September 4.

Although, pro-life voters believe that the Abortion question must be made an issue, (even though many politicians would rather avoid it, often by making it a non-issue) many are unsure about the correct strategy when it comes to casting their vote.

Pro-life voters who vote for the party often do so because they believe that party represents the most pro-life support within its ranks the thought behind this is credible. But, must the party be supported at any cost, even if the candidate on the local level is pro-abortion?

The question comes down to this: If party “A” represents the most pro-life support, can one vote for the candidate on the local level who is running on behalf of Party “A” even though pro-abortion, with the hope that Party “A” will become elected?

I do not wish to minimize this difficulty there can be no doubt that the end choice will be difficult and yet still it may not rest lightly with the consciences of many.

The other alternative – to vote for the man – seems to me to be the better of the two choices.

It is my belief that pro-lifers can be most effective if they will work for and vote for the pro-life candidate in their riding. Some may argue: “What if there is no pro-life candidate in my own riding?” This is a difficult question, but I do not believe that the answer lies in voting for a pro-abortion candidate – even as the lesser evil.

My suggestion is twofold. Firstly, that pro-lifers spoil their ballot (but, please, it is your duty to show up and vote on election day) by writing  “NO PRO-LIFE CANDIDATE” on the ballot if this is the case. It is important to note that this comment will be recorded.

The next step is to canvass for a pro-life candidate, if possible, in a riding near yours. This way you can rest assured that you have done everything possible to ensure that the unborn have a voice.

Our politicians need to know that we will not tolerate pro-abortion sentiments, no matter how well-disguised. They need to know that we believe that this is the issue to which all other issues are connected.

Keep working (and voting) and God bless our future – the unborn.

Jim McManamy is the editor of Staff of Life, the Canadian Youth Pro-Life Organization (CYPLO) Newsletter.