Students at Hawthorn School for Girls in Don Mills observed the week of May 6-10 as a Pro-Life Week.

The Hawthorn Pro-Life Club, under the leadership of its president, Leilani Nolan, organized a variety of activities for the student body over the lunch-hour.

The week began with an inspiring talk on pro-life activism for the senior students, given by Kathleen Ross of Ontario Students for Life.

Wednesday brought a “Who Are these Beautiful Babies?” competition, in which junior students tried to identify the high-schoolers from their baby photos.

The week culminated in a special Mass for Life, celebrated by chaplain, Fr. Charles Nahm.

Throughout the week, club members sold pro-life materials and, on Thursday, they held a “Jeans Day” to raise funds for the purchase of a crib. The crib, plus a mound of baby clothes and other necessities donated by parents, were given to “Aid to Women” for use by needy mothers and their babies.