Activist calls accusation “unbelievable”

Mike Mastromatteo

Interim Staff

A Saskatchewan pro-lifer who wrote two letters to a Weyburn doctor asking him to stop performing abortions has been branded a potential terrorist by the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL)

Bob Waldegger, president of the Saskatchewan Pro-life Association, wrote long-time abortionist Wayne Squires last April asking him to stop committing abortions and to offer patients information on fetal development and adoption. A second letter reminded the doctor of Waldegger’s continuing interest and of his prayers for Squires’ change of heart.

Squires responded with a letter of his own, advising Waldegger that his name has been forwarded to CARAL for inclusion on a national list of “Pro-Life terrorists.”

Squires’ letter also informed Waldegger that he will be considered a suspect in the event any unnatural misfortune befall Squires, his family or his property.

Waldegger showed the letter to the Estevan detachment of the RCMP, but officers there refused to confirm the existence of a pro-life terrorist list. However they advised Waldegger to account for his whereabouts at all times.

“I’m still not certain that the RCMP keeps such a list,” Waldegger told The Interim. “The RCMP wouldn’t confirm or deny a pro-life terrorist list, so it might be the pro-abortion people’s way of intimidating pro-life work.”

Waldegger resents the association of pro-life activity with terrorism and violence. He is also disappointed that the RCMP asked him to account for his whereabouts. His work and leisure activity involve a great deal of travel and it would be difficult to provide itineraries at all times.

Marcia Gilbert, the executive director of CARAL admitted her organization monitors pro-life communication to abortionists and forwards lists of names to police. She says the action is justified by incidents of violence against abortion-performing doctors, particularly in the United States.

Abortionists in British Columbia and Hamilton, Ontario have been wounded by unknown assailants, but there is no evidence linking pro-life supporters to the incidents.

Nonetheless, Waldegger is angered that two non-threatening letters to an abortionist would be grounds for inclusion on a terrorist list.

“To call someone a terrorist for standing up for the unborn in a peaceful, Christian manner is unbelievable,” Waldegger said. “I think it shows you something of the pro-choice mentality.”