Sandra Kloosterhuis

Thunder Bay Ontario

1st Prize 9 Year-old group

Life is great! An abortion is when a doctor and a mother decide to kill a baby while it is growing in the womb. Some people think that abortion should stop and I think they are “Pro-Life.”

Why would a mother and a doctor want to kill a poor innocent baby? The baby can’t help being there. He or she would like a chance to grow up and live like we do. If the mother does not want the baby why does she not give it to someone who will love it and not kill it.

Many doctors have seen the fetus do things that show us that it is a living being. The fetus is very active by 12 weeks. The fetus even looks like its parents by then, it can kick its legs, make a fist, turn its head, open its mouth and do many more things, which show that it is a person and not just a bunch of cells.

In the Bible it says that a baby is a gift from God. This gift should not be killed by the mother or a doctor. God gave this new life for a reason, maybe we don’t know the reason yet for this life but we should not kill it for this is a great sin. God will punish the people who kill this gift of His. He loves us even before we are born so how can anyone kill a fetus before it is born.

Some people when they find out that their baby is deformed want it killed, but I think this is also wrong. This person may be not normal on the outside but it can still have a happy life if given a chance. Some handicapped people have done a lot in this world to make it a better place to live. Many mothers and fathers would not trade their retarded handicapped child for a normal one. This child gives them great happiness and much love.

Euthanasia is when a doctor decides that a person’s life is not worth living any more. The doctor will give the person a needle which will kill them. These people may be very old, crippled, very retarded or very sick. I do not think a doctor should decide when people should die or live. Only God gives us life and only He should take it back from us.

As a child just starting out in life I feel very sad about abortion and euthanasia.  I wish that doctors and mothers would stop killing these helpless babies and people. Life is wonderful in every way. Why do grown-ups not fee life like I do. God gave me this life and I thank Him every day. I am very glad my mother and father decided not to have an abortion or I would not be here to tell you how sad I am about it.