Maggie TenHoeve, president of Lakehead University Life Support and Emil Booyink, the club's treasurer, during a meeting of the I.U. Student's Union.

After more than three years of gaining and losing club status, the pro-life club at Lakehead University, Life Support, seems to have its club status to stay.

The most recent episode of its saga occurred during this past fall school term. The club was accused of verbally harassing a female student at its display booth. Life Support responded immediately when notified about this complaint and denied its authenticity. The complaint did not go through the proper procedures and instead was used by Josh Kolic, vice-president of finance of the Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU), to put forth a motion to deny the club status. At a board meeting on Oct. 29, 2009, the LUSU voted 7-6 in favour of the motion.

“The incident with the female student had no merit and it did not involve Life Support and, therefore, the board voted based on a misunderstanding,” explained Emil Booyink, treasurer of Life Support. “This was wrong and we knew we had to do something about it.”

The term was then filled with hours of board meetings, filing complaints to the LUSU’s judicial review committee and taking part in long student deputation sessions. As a result, the LUSU board became increasingly aware of how unfair the original vote was. Despite this, Kolic remained vocal against the club and even used the LUSU website to garner support against the group, with a statement that compared the club’s mentality to that of the killer of George Tiller.

The new year and winter 2010 term brought yet another LUSU board meeting on January 28. This time, the vote was 9-5 in favour of giving Life Support club status.

“It is a relief that we were able to resolve this issue, especially since we are already too busy dealing with more important matters, such as educational initiatives, baby food drives, charitable work and life-awareness campaigns,” said Maggie TenHoeve, Life Support’s president.