While some pro-life students are in battles with their student unions for recognition as official clubs on campus, students at Sir Wilfred Laurier and Ottawa Universities are planning events for their first terms as a club. Both campuses had clubs in earlier years, but for various reasons, were unable to continue them until now.

Their applications for club status were submitted just before Christmas and after the holidays, they received the good news. The students are looking forward to a good term of building up their memberships, planning events and engaging their campuses on the life issues.

Kerriann Miller, president of Laurier LifeLine, plans for the term to include an information fair, social evenings and networking with other groups. Miller recognizes the importance of having a pro-life voice on campus. As she explains, “If there is only one opinion, there cannot be an informed decision made on issues such as abortion.”

Clare Reeler, president of Ottawa University Students For Life, is hoping to focus on equipping her members with confidence and the knowledge of how to defend the pro-life position. She is enthusiastic about the term. She said, “In the midst of other pro-life clubs being denied status, it is wonderful that we have the opportunity to participate in building a culture of life at the University of Ottawa.”