By Interim staff

Former Interim contributor Rebecca Ducusin is in hospital in critical condition after suffering a series of strokes.

Rebecca wrote a number of articles for the Interim over the years, including a piece on the March for Life in Washington, D.C., before joining the staff of Campaign Life Coalition’s national office in Toronto as a receptionist-typist about a year ago.

Friend and fellow CLC workmate Yoli Singson said Rebecca passed out while attending church on Boxing Day but, as was her headstrong nature, refused to see a doctor and instead, went home to rest. Two days later, she was found still in bed by her roommate, who noticed that Rebecca’s speech was slurred.

Rebecca suffered more strokes while in hospital. Her numerous friends, numbering in the hundreds and including many from Toronto’s Filipino community, have crowded her ward at Toronto East General Hospital, providing an almost around-the clock vigil. A number of priests have also visited. Rebecca’s brother and his wife flew in from San Francisco, while her sister, a nun with the Sisters of St. Paul, travelled from the Philippines.

Deny Dieleman, office manager at CLC’s national office, said Rebecca’s presence is being missed. “She was always willing to do anything for anybody, and wouldn’t turn anyone down,” she said. “She never had anything bad to say about anyone. She was a hard worker, who put in as many hours as she could. The nurses at the hospital say she’s an angel.”

Dieleman said CLC is accepting donations to pay for the considerable travel costs for Rebecca’s sister, who, as a nun, is of modest means. Donations can be forwarded to CLC’s national office at 53 Dundas St. E., Toronto, Ont., M5B 1C6.

Meanwhile, Rebecca’s friends are asking everyone to pray for her recovery.