There is no ‘do,’ only ‘try’

Josie Luetke: Interim writer, Josie Luetke, Talk Turkey Ahead of the National March for Life, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition executive director Alex Schadenberg and I gave a joint webinar on euthanasia and abortion. Attendees, hearing about how Canada has been without any restriction on abortion for over three decades and how Bill C-7 has transformed our euthanasia regime from bad to [...]

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Parliament examining further expansions of euthanasia law

Alex Schadenberg: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition executive director Alex Schadenberg complains bill's terms are poorly defined. When Canada legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide (MAiD) in June 2016, a section of the legislation required the government to conduct a full five-year review of the legislation, starting in June 2020. Instead of conducting a full review of the law, the Canadian government decided [...]

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Read these three articles about euthanasia

Paul Tuns I want to bring to your attention three articles written about euthanasia over the last few days that are all very important. The first is the always pertinent Wesley Smith, at NRO, with an article titled, "Alzheimer’s Breakthrough and the False Compassion of Assisted Suicide." Smith notes: Alzheimer’s and other dementia patients are now in the cross hairs of the [...]

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Dutch euthanasia deaths increase nine per cent

Paul Tuns: DutchNews reports that in 2020 there was a record 6938 officially reported euthanasia deaths in 2020, up from 6361 the year before, an increase of nine per cent. The number of euthanasia cases exceeded the previous peak of 6585 deaths in 2017. Each year, Regional Euthanasia Review Committees (RTE) analyze all official deaths by euthanasia to ensure that they meet [...]

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I’d be dead if C-7 was law 10 years ago

By Andrew Lawton The second-wave feminists of the 1960s popularized the idea that “the personal is the political.” Well, this one is personal for me. If Bill C-7 were the law of the land a decade ago, I’d probably be dead. Bill C-7 is product of the federal Liberal government’s efforts to expand access to assisted suicide. Supporters of the bill argue [...]

2021-04-09T12:44:29-04:00April 9, 2021|Andrew Lawton, Euthanasia, Issues|

Government expands euthanasia with Bloc help

By Paul Tuns On March 11, the House of Commons voted to permit Canadians suffering from mental illness to be killed by euthanasia and a week later, the Senate approved the Liberal government’s amendments to their own legislation, Bill C-7. With the help of the Bloc Quebecois, the Liberal government forced closure of debate on C-7, Justin Trudeau’s euthanasia expansion bill. The [...]

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MP introduces conscience rights bill

Conservative MP Kelly Block (Carlton Trail – Eagle Creek) tabled a private member’s bill to protect the conscience rights of medical professionals, Bill C-268: An Act to amend the Criminal Code (intimidation of health care professionals). She explained, “Freedom of Conscience is one of the first fundamental rights laid out in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and it is at the [...]

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Euthanasia deaths may be tortuous

By Paul Tuns Dr. Joel Zivot, an assistant professor of anesthesiology and critical care at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, testified last month before Canada’s Senate committee hearings on Bill C-7, which, if passed, will expand criteria to make euthanasia more permissive. Zivot testified that an assisted death may be tortuous, not peaceful, explaining that death from the pharmaceutical [...]

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Senate amends C-7 to further expand euthanasia

By Paul Tuns After nearly two months of debate and hearings, the Senate amended the government’s Bill C-7, which, if passed, will extend euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide to those who are not terminally ill and those suffering psychologically and thus opening the door to euthanasia for mental illness despite the government’s insistence that mental illness is not a reason to access a [...]

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Preventing the spread of assisted suicide in America

Oswald Clark Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and a member of this paper's editorial advisory board, has a new 25-minute video on Preventing the Spread of Assisted Suicide in America. A total of 16 states, comprising 35 per cent of the U.S. population, are considering either legalizing euthanasia (Arizona, Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New [...]

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Euthanasia deaths continue to climb in Ontario

Interim Staff On Jan. 18, the Ontario Office of the Chief Coroner released new reported euthanasia and assisted suicide death statistics, showing that there were 1260 assisted deaths from July 1 - Dec. 31 2020, compared to 1127 in the first half of the year. The 2387 reported “Medical Aid in Dying” deaths (MAiD) in 2020, bring the province’s total reported euthanasia [...]

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Life worth living

Interim writer, Rory Leishman, National Affairs By Rory Leishman Until a few decades ago, the great majority of Canadians believed that assisting in a suicide was an appalling crime and a serious criminal offence; now, most of our fellow citizens support the legalization of physician-assisted suicide under the euphemistic guise of Medical Assistance in Dying. Why is that? A large [...]

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Senator wrong about euthanasia reducing suicide rates

By Alex Schadenberg Special to The Interim On November 24, I had the opportunity to present our Euthanasia Prevention Coalition brief on euthanasia Bill C-7 to the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs. This was followed with senators asking questions and clarifying items from those who had made presentations. Senator Stanley Kutcher (N.S., Independent Senators Group) decided to challenge a witness [...]

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Euthanasia bill passes House, heads to Senate

By Paul Tuns Justice Minister David Lametti sought a third extension from a Quebec court to enable a full Senate debate and vote on Bill C-7, which expands eligibility for euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide and passed the House of Commons in a 212-107 vote. The Liberals, NDP, Bloc and Green parties voted en masse for C-7 and were joined by 15 Conservative [...]

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Some thoughts about euthanasia

From the editor's desk I’ve often said that when it comes to euthanasia, in our current legal and political climate, “safeguards” is just another name for discrimination. If the state tries to protect minors or people suffering from mental illness or non-terminally ill individuals by outlawing a lethal procedure that might be imposed upon a highly impressionable person or to [...]

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