Josie Luetke: Interim writer, Josie Luetke, Talk Turkey Determining right and wrong for themselves, the godless have become their own gods – an aphorism with which I have been long acquainted.   Another godly attribute which they seem to have bizarrely assumed: infallibility.  Consider: Abortion and euthanasia are matters of life and death. Sex changes, while not quite as fatal, [...]

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And then there was this, September 2022

In defense of fatherhood The Florida legislature, at the urging of Governor Ron DeSantis, passed the Responsible Fatherhood law to help men become better fathers. Studies prove that children do best in a two-parent home where fathers are involved in their children’s lives and where children are statistically less likely to be abused or neglected and have fewer behavioral and psychological problems. [...]

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Multiple media reports highlight euthanasia abuses

Paul Tuns: On August 11, the Associated Press ran a 2300-word story, “’Disturbing:’ Experts troubled by Canada’s euthanasia laws,” which shone an international light on the country’s permissive euthanasia regime and how numerous families felt pressured to accept so-called Medical Assistance in Dying in lieu of proper medical care. Maria Cheng, the AP reporter, interviewed the families of Alan Nichols and Sean [...]

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Euthanasia deaths increase by a third in 2021

Paul Tuns: Health Canada released its “Third Annual Report on Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada (2021),” revealing that there were 10,064 euthanasia deaths, representing 3.3 per cent of all deaths in Canada and a 32 per cent increase over euthanasia deaths the previous year. The Health Canada report is based on data submitted by medical and nurse practitioners who carried out [...]

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‘Expert’ report on euthanasia and mental illness offers no clear guidelines

Paul Tuns: The 136-page Final Report of the Expert Panel on MAiD and Mental Illness was submitted to Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos and Justice Minister David Lametti on May 6. Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, said, “similar to previous ‘expert’ reports the Expert Panel offers recommendations but few clear guidelines.” He explained, “the 19 recommendations for implementing MAiD [...]

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We live in a society

Josie Luetke: Interim writer, Josie Luetke, Talk Turkey The Canadian government, in consultation with “experts,” is presently determining “how MAID can be provided safely to those whose only medical condition is a mental illness.” In less than a year, on  March17, 2023, they will become eligible for euthanasia, deceptively referred to as “medical assistance in dying,” even though the only [...]

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Delta Hospice Society maintains opposition to euthanasia

Paul Tuns In February 2021, the British Columbia Ministry of Health defunded the Delta Hospice Society (DHS) and expropriated its ten-bed hospice building because it refused to participate in euthanasia killing. The Delta Health Authority took over its premises at the Irene Thomas Hospice in order to provide medicalized end-of-life killing last year, with NDP Health Minister Adrian Dix insisting it was [...]

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Two Ontario women charged with murder

Interim Staff: Two Windsor women were charged with murder after they killed a 79-year-old female family member that the accused say was an assisted suicide. Police did not release the names of the victim and the accused in order protect the integrity of the investigation, but the two women were identified as being 23 and 49 years of age, and both were [...]

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Ontario euthanasia deaths rise 30 per cent

Paul Tuns: The Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario released data showing that the number of euthanasia deaths in the province increased more than 30 per cent in 2021 compared to the previous year. The Chief Coroner reported 3102 deaths by euthanasia in 2021, up more from 2378 in 2020. For the month of December, there was more than a 50 [...]

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Kelly Block introduces conscience rights bill

Paul Tuns: Conservative MP Kelly Block (Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek) introduced a conscience rights private member’s bill in Parliament. If passed, Bill C-230, “An Act to amend the Criminal Code (intimidation of health care professionals),” would make it a criminal offense to compel a medical professional from taking part, directly or indirectly, in euthanasia or assisted-suicide or firing any such medical professional for [...]

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Funeral homes offering euthanasia

Interim Staff The CBC reported on two London, Ont. funeral homes which are making an extra buck by renting out dedicated rooms where customers can have a medically induced death. The CBC reports that Northview Funeral Chapel owner Paul Needham started receiving requests from families looking for “a place to go” for the euthanasia “procedure” at the start of COVID lockdowns. Needham [...]

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The self-destruct ‘right’

Josie Luetke Interim writer, Josie Luetke, Talk Turkey “Every woman in Canada has a right to a safe and legal abortion,” according to none other than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  “Access to safe, legal abortion is a fundamental right of women, irrespective of where they live,” according to a 2006 publication from the World Health Organization.  One of Campaign Life Coalition’s [...]

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The euthanasia contagion

Every new annual provincial or federal report on the euphemistically named Medical Aid in Dying shows that the number of medicalized murders in the form of euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide grows by leaps and bounds. In October, Quebec’s euthanasia data revealed a 37 per cent increase (to 2426 euthanasia deaths) from April 2020 to March 31, 2021 compared to the previous year. [...]

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‘The Hill I will die on’

Peter Baklinski Pro-life hospice president on why she’ll never surrender to euthanasia activists Angelina Ireland never could have imagined the battle she was about to face, when, two years ago, she became president of a palliative care society that ran a small 10-bed hospice for the sick and elderly in a small Canadian city. Angelina never could have imagined that she and [...]

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Canada needs better palliative care

Rory Leishman As rising numbers of critically ill COVID-19 patients threatened to overwhelm Saskatchewan’s intensive care units (ICU) wards last October, the Saskatchewan government called upon the Canadian military to airlift 19 of the province’s ICU patients to hospitals in Ontario. This was not an isolated incident. Earlier in the pandemic, critically ill COVID patients in some regions of Ontario also had [...]

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