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What men think about when they think of Rome

Rick McGinnis: Interim writer, Rick McGinnis, Amusements I knew something was up when my eldest daughter texted me: “Dad, how often do you think about the Roman Empire?” I replied quickly – and honestly. “At least every other day.” “That’s what I thought,” she wrote. “I know why you’re asking this,” I responded. It had begun just a few days [...]

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Trans Inc is taking America by storm

Joanna Alphonso: Episode 28 of Tucker Carlson’s show, “Tucker on X” (formerly Twitter) featured Chris Moritz, a longtime investment banker and policy enthusiast to discuss what he calls “Trans Inc.” Moritz begins by explaining that transgenderism is largely driven by the sex reassignment industry. In 2018, the industry grossed at least $2.94 billion, which rose to $4.18 billion in 2022, and is [...]

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Ontario school board hides gender transitions from parents

Paul Tuns: A leaked York Region District School Board memo reveals that the public school board has directed teachers to keep gender transitions of their students secret from their parents.  The Sept. 28 memo was leaked to independent journalist Chanel Pfahl, a former educator. It states, “Parents should not be contacted without the student’s consent about any change in identifiers.” The memo, [...]

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Two parents are better than one

Paul Tuns, Review: The Two-Parent Privilege: How Americans Stopped Getting Married and Started Falling Behind by Melissa S. Kearney (University of Chicago Press, $32.50, 225 pages) For the second time in two years, a long-time argument made by conservatives became mainstream following the publication of a book that digs deep into the data about a social phenomenon that had previously been both controversial [...]

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Premier Moe invokes notwithstanding clause to uphold parental rights

Paul Tuns: On August 22, then Saskatchewan Minister of Education Dustin Duncan announced the implementation of a parental consent policy to ensure parents and guardians were notified and gave permission to schools before teachers began using a student’s chosen name and pronouns at odds with their biological sex if the student is under 17 years of age. After a Saskatchewan judge temporarily [...]

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And Then There Was This, October 2023

Is freedom of speech dead in Finland? Paivi Rasanen is an elected Member of Parliament in Finland. In 2022, she and Lutheran Bishop Juhana Pohjola faced hate-crime charges for the publication of a 2004 booklet which confirmed the biblical truth that marriage is between a man and a woman. A three-judge panel in Helsinki unanimously decided that it was not the business [...]

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Christian Heritage Party outlines its priorities

Paul Tuns: On Sept. 15, Christian Heritage Party leader Rod Taylor held a press conference to elucidate where the party stands on issues other than abortion while committing itself to “the protection of innocent human life from conception until natural death, a position we still hold . . . and on this position we stand alone.” Held in the Ottawa Press Gallery [...]

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Social conservatives score wins at Conservative policy convention

Paul Tuns: From Sept. 7-9, Conservative delegates from across the country assembled in Quebec City for the party’s biannual policy convention, where they elected a new National Council and voted on dozens of policies for the platform and constitutional amendments that govern the party. While the policies are not binding – a point leader Pierre Poilievre made to the media before the [...]

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Million Person March for Children protests gender ideology in schools

Paul Tuns: On Sept. 20, hundreds of thousands of parents took part in demonstrations at school boards, in front of provincial legislatures and city halls, on Parliament Hill, and at other public institutions to oppose gender ideology propaganda in schools and reassert the rights of parents in their children's education. In Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Kitchener, Hamilton, Mississauga, Ottawa, and Toronto thousands [...]

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Workplace pressures against pregnancy

Anna Kennedy: On July 19, a British charity oriented towards helping pregnant women in the workplace published research demonstrating that 1 in 61 employed, pregnant women have had their bosses suggest they abort. Pregnant Then Screwed is a registered charity aiming to promote better working conditions for parents across the United Kingdom by raising awareness on the challenges that many working mothers [...]

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And Then There Was This, July August 2023

By J.M. Glover: Imposing abortion globally Western countries, like Canada and the U.S., provide assistance to developing countries to help combat medical emergencies like HIV/AIDS, poverty and weather-related catastrophes. However, there is an important catch. The funding is often attached with strings that abortion must be promoted and performed. Leading African business, religious and political leaders have asked members of the U.S. [...]

Authors examine ideological assault on children

Angelica Vecchiato, Review: Stolen Youth: How Radicals are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation by Bethany Mandel and Karol Markowicz (Daily Wire, $37.99, 347 pages) In a world of progressive evangelists proselytising the gospel of woke, children are not safe. Bethany Mandel and Karol Markowicz’s Stolen Youth is a biting exposé of the leftist indoctrination that has subtly seeped its way in [...]

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Imperial Pride

The final canto of Dante’s Inferno begins with a chilling line: “Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni”—that is, “the banners of the King of Hell advance.” The Latin phrase is adapted from the opening lines of a hymn to the True Cross. The meaning of the original is twisted, however, by that final word, “of Hell,” which turns the pious words of the hymn [...]

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First-ever National ‘Pride’ Flag Walk-Out Day a huge success

Paul Tuns: Campaign Life Coalition launched its inaugural "National 'Pride" Flag Walk-Out Day" on June 1, the first day that many institutions, including schools, mark with celebrations of the homosexual and transgender lifestyle. In-house conversations indicated that CLC would be thrilled with even 10 per cent of parents keeping their kids at home that day. Media reports, however, show some schools had [...]

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And Then There Was This, June 2023

Hungary fights for the family The European Union, presently comprised of 27 nations, operates through a hybrid system of supranational and intergovernmental decision-making. The larger countries such as Germany and France, are run by governments that are at the vanguard of social liberalism’s many experiments, and they control many decisions in the EU. Currently, they are fighting to strip Hungarian parents of [...]

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