Rita Burnie, pro-life nurse, RIP

Rita Burnie, who with her sisters Helen (deceased) and Mary, long served in the frontlines of the Canadian pro-life movement. She passed away last Dec. 13th. Burnie, a nurse, had been active in the pro-life movement since 1984 when she first picketed Morgentaler’s newly opened Toronto abortuary. “I went in to nursing to save lives,” Burnie is quoted as saying [...]

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Nurses for Life revived

Almost on its deathbed a few short months ago, Canadian Nurses for Life is back, perhaps stronger than ever, with two national co-ordinators taking the reins and ready to steer the organization through the stormy seas of pro-life activism in the medical sphere. Outgoing national co-ordinator Mary Lynn McPherson had sounded the alarm in 2009, warning that Canadian Nurses for Life faced [...]

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