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British hospitals, courts conspire against life of infant

Alfie Evans, the British infant at the centre of a battle between doctors and his parents about how to proceed with medical care. A year after British infant Charlie Gard captured international attention over a battle between his parents and the hospital over continuing care to allow their child a chance at living, another British case is making headlines around [...]

We need better palliative care, not assisted suicide: health minister

Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose said the government's priority should be quality palliative care, not assisted suicide. Federal Minister of Health Rona Ambrose says Canadians don’t need assisted suicide and euthanasia when it comes to dying, but better palliative care, something she says she wants to make a priority. “I think the starting point for me is that we still [...]

2014-10-14T08:32:01-06:00October 14, 2014|Issues, Palliative Care, Politics|

DeVeber Institute hosts dementia seminar

On May 27, 2014, the deVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research hosted a seminar on pain and dementia. Entitled “The Problem of Pain in Persons with Dementia: The Challenges of Assessment and Management,” it was attended by personnel from hospitals and care facilities, as well as chaplains and educated family members. Attendees traveled from as far away as Hamilton, Guelph, Maple, [...]

2014-08-01T11:16:45-06:00July 31, 2014|Palliative Care|

What government can do to help caregivers

A new study is calling for increased support for family caregivers in Canada. Supporting Caregivers and Caregiving in an Aging Canada by Janice Keefe of the Institute for Research on Public Policy addresses the pressing issue of how to care for an increasing elderly population as the baby boomer cohort continues to age. Currently, much of home care is provided by informal [...]

2012-01-26T11:50:15-06:00January 26, 2012|Announcements, Features, Palliative Care|

Two reports renew debate on end-of-life care

Parliamentary committee says improve care, Royal Society of Canada calls for legalization of assisted death Just days apart in mid-November two reports dealing with end-of-life care came to diametrically opposed conclusions with a Royal Society of Canada panel calling for full legalization of euthanasia and assisted-suicide while the Parliamentary Committee on Palliative and Compassionate Care made recommendations to improve palliative and end-of-life [...]

2011-12-13T08:04:38-06:00December 12, 2011|Palliative Care, Politics|

Judge rules Winnipeg man, 84, is entitled to life-sustaining care

An injunction preventing Winnipeg’s Grace General Hospital from removing life-sustaining care from Samuel Golubchuk has been upheld by Justice Perry Schulman of the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench. The 84-year-old cognitively disabled patient’s family has been battling hospital doctors who are determined to starve and dehydrate him to death regardless of the family’s wishes. The Winnipeg Free Press reported that Justice Schulman ruled [...]

2009-12-23T13:07:19-06:00March 23, 2008|Palliative Care|

Living Wills: Why the rush?

An advertisement in the Globe and Mail  for Thursday, April 25, disclosed that the Ontario government would entertain requests for oral submissions on Bill 8,  the Natural Death Act, and Bill 7, Powers of Attorney Amendment Act (1990), by the following Monday, April 29. Briefs on these subjects were to be deposited with the Clerk of the Committee not later than Wednesday [...]

2010-01-22T11:58:14-06:00June 22, 1991|Marriage and Family, Palliative Care|
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