Talk about running a bulldozer over an egg carton – that’s what the mainline media has been trying to do to Aid To Women. They’ve blown so much money on ink kicking around the Aid to Women Hallowe’en box project that I’m thinking of taking up a collection in the office to help them out. (I’ll start it off with a bent loonie I haven’t been able to pawn off on anybody.)

The Aid to Women Halloween box project netted only $7,400 last year but it netted a million dollars worth of free publicity in the media this year. The media started a rumour that one of our counsellors was passing himself off as a medical doctor when he approached women seeking an abortion at eight o’clock in the morning. Now can you see any self-respecting doctor having the time to run up and down the street approaching women who may or may not be planning to have an abortion? Who would believe he was a doctor? Don’t eat that, Elmer.

Now you compare that overwrought news coverage with the zip coverage the Toronto mainline media spent attacking Morgentaler’s five million dollar government (taxpayer) grant to pay the rent on his Toronto abortion mill. Oh, I forgot Adrienne Clarkson’s tiff with her neighbour – that’s big news.

You could hardly get up the stairs of Aid to Women with the media struggling up with their cameras and lighting equipment. They were all there making Joanne (of Arc) Dieleman, the unpaid executive director, an overnight celebrity. You could see our Joanne on the 10 o’clock TV news frequently. Her fame reached all the way out to Winnipeg. Joanne complained that she couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing her face. Luckily, this kind of media attention didn’t go to her head. (Although she does seem to run a comb through her hair more often.)

And what she said bore little resemblance to what the media ground out for viewers and readers, but that’s normal news coverage for them.

Vatican Communist PartyThey swarmed Joanne at the Toronto Catholic District School Board at Hallowe’en time. They were there puffing a group called Catholics for a Free Choice which has about as many members as the Vatican Communist Party. They always tried to force Joanne into using pro-abort lingo. I’m surprised they didn’t get ageing Agent 007, Roger Moore, an apologist for pro-abortion UNICEF, to debate with her while he was here in Toronto. (Roger, did they find the million dollars the Financial Post disclosed was lost in UNICEF’s New York office? Still looking?)

UNICEF treats our pennies disdainfully – that’s why in a recent Toronto Star employment ad, they were paying upwards of $87,000 (U.S.) “plus excellent benefits” for a lower entry Production Officer job. (Reply in English only.)

The mainline media conducted a poorly orchestrated campaign against Aid to Women. (I guess they got tired kicking former Tory Ontario cabinet minister Steve Gilchrist around.) It smelled like a conspiracy from the very beginning when hordes of media types descended on Aid to Women to harass Joanne of Arc Dieleman.

The media attempt failed. The negative publicity actually generated more money than Aid to Women ever dreamed of. Cheques for up to $1,000 have been received. Numerous smaller cheques from people that Joanne said she didn’t even know were also received, along with lots of five- and ten-dollar bills, loonies, toonies, plus clothes, diapers and toys have poured in for the babies that have been saved – 1,200 babies over the past ten years.

Distortion was rampant. On Oct. 24, the North York Mirror had a headline: “Board Under Fire From Anti-Abortion Group,” yet the first paragraph had it right: “The Toronto Catholic School Board came under fire Thursday for failing to allow a public deputation by a pro-choicegroup” (my emphasis). On Nov. 9, the Toronto Star had the Catholic school board providing FREE Halloween collection boxes to three charities. Wow! That was certainly news to the school board, and to Aid to Women!

I guess the mainline media are bitter over missing out on a story about Morgentaler’s five-million dollar rent rip-off of taxpayer’s money. I bet next time they won’t pick on little Joanne of Arc Dieleman.