Every year at this time, I find it an important part of our work to look back at the previous year and take stock of what we have accomplished and where we’ve been, in hope of improving the work that each of has been called to.

Here in the People’s Republic of British Columbia, our work is somewhat hindered by the fact that the regime currently in power has, for all intensive purposes, declared war on the pro-life movement.

That’s not entirely a negative event. It makes life somewhat interesting, and it certainly makes it easier to see black and white rather than shades of gray.

Joy MacPhail, currently running for the NDP leadership, is the former Minister of Health. Under her grand and glorious leadership, hospital boards and societies across the land were abolished, ushering in, we were told, a Utopia where the health system would provide care for all. (The unborn need not apply.)

Of course Joy also pinpointed the most serious problem facing British Columbians, a chronic lack of access to full and easy reproductive services for women. Choices were being deprived to women by evil anti-abortionists, who were slowly and methodically taking over hospital boards and banning the sacrament of abortion.

As I pen these words, Joy, in the heat of the battle, announced that everyone knew that the prime reason for not having democratic elections for hospital boards, was because of those evil antis, who would vote by the thousands just to ban a certain medical procedure.

The complete restructuring of health care in BC could never be blamed for something as simple as abortion. But in her quest to exaggerate, Joy allowed us a glimpse into one certain truth. Members and supporters of the industry will stop at nothing to keep pro-lifers out of the picture. To that end the NDP has almost crippled the health care system and taken local control away from health care decisions, all in the name of “choice.”

In November the democratic movement known as “Fascists for Choice” (sorry, that’s “Students for Choice” – I keep getting the name mixed up) attacked and vandalized a pro-life display at the University of British Columbia. Caught on video tape and now available for the entire world to see on the Internet (see www.lifesite.net), the excuse given was that one girl had previously had an abortion and hence the angry and violent response. I’m quite sure the men involved in the attack did not have an abortion, but that has not been fully explained to me.

If you take these two events, add the landmark 8.7 million dollar settlement in the Ximena Renaerts case, add the Foothills genetic abortion scandal, it all adds up to a movement that is so morally bankrupt they are running scared.

It gives one hope. I’ve written before that all this adds up to a victory for the pro-life movement. You see, the only way the abortion industry can respond to the biological reality of life is to go ballistic.

They will hound and track down the “squealers.” That is why brown envelopes terrify them. That is why they will spend millions of dollars keeping pro-lifers off hospital boards. That is why they refuse to release abortion statistics. That is why they will no longer debate the issue in public. That is why they will leave abortion survivors to die in bedpans.

That is why most of what they do goes on behind locked doors, in secret rooms, in hushed settings.

They don’t want the public to know – and you certainly shouldn’t be allowed to know – and heaven help us if the media begins to know! Their smug lack of accountability to society is sad but somehow amusing.

Cheer up. We have lots to be thankful for. The darkness is being lit. The secrets are being told.