The Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, according to its grant application form, has come out in support of human embryonic stem cell research by indicating its intent to provide grant funding to researchers. At the same time, the form also shows the foundation’s concern for the proper treatment of animals, by requesting applicants agree with principles enunciated by the Canadian Council on Animal Care.

The Dose newspaper reports that the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the Public Health Agency of Canada refuse to acknowledge a link between abortion and increased incidence of breast cancer, despite contentions by pro-life groups throughout the world that numerous studies show there is a verifiable link. A spokesperson for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Ontario Division has been quoted as saying that organizations claiming such a link “can cause some concern if the public can see this and don’t read all the info.”

The Bank of Montreal, which recently moved to discontinue an affinity card program with a Canadian pro-life organization, is offering mortgages to buyers of Canada’s first condominiums built specifically for homosexuals. “The Bohemian” complex in Toronto will also benefit from BMO’s special reduction of charges on mortgages and daily banking for homosexuals.

The “Outgames,” described as “an international queer sports event” starting in Montreal July 29, reports that it has the financial support of the municipal, provincial and federal governments, in addition to the corporate sponsorships of Bell, Labatt, Air Canada and VIA Rail.

The Toronto Dominion Bank Financial Group has entered into a three-year business deal with the Quebec Gay Chamber of Commerce to promote the growth of Quebec’s homosexual community. At the bank’s 2005 annual meeting, president and CEO Ed Clark was quoted as saying, “We must be a company where everyone’s sexual orientation is supported.”

The American Decency Association has been attempting to keep up pressure on U.S. advertisers during the racy ABC television program Desperate Housewives to drop their support of the show. Targets as of March 12 included Subway, McDonald’s, America Online, Avon, Clairol, Walt Disney Co., Old Navy, Frito Lay, United Parcel Service and Hyundai. The ADA is also keeping up a boycott list of chronic U.S. offenders against decency in general, including Abercrombie and Fitch, Victoria’s Secret, Walt Disney and Yum Brands (which encompasses KFC, Long John Silver’s, Pizza Hut Taco Bell and A&W Restaurants).

Nineteen U.S. pro-family groups are calling for a one-year boycott of the Ford Motor Company because of its continuing support of pro-homosexual groups pushing for same-sex “marriage” rights south of the border. The development comes after the automaker reneged on an agreement to stop funding such groups and advertising in their media. The website carries more information on the action.

Wal-Mart has been in the news lately on a number of fronts. Its British subsidiary, Asda, has begun selling wedding cards and commitment rings for homosexuals, after Britain legalized same-sex civil partnerships. The cards contain greetings such as: “Congratulations, Mr. And Mr.” In the U.S., Wal-Mart held a pro-homosexual seminar, entitled “Why Market to Gay America?” in December at its Arkansas headquarters. lists Wal-Mart with other major U.S. corporations, including Ford and AT&T, as a bankroller of liberal groups who waged war against the ultimately successful nomination of Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The U.S.’s largest pro-homosexual pressure group, the Human Rights Campaign, is boasting a number of national corporate sponsors, including Volvo, IBM,, American Airlines, the Canada Tourism Commission, Nike, Deloitte tax consultants and Shell Oil. Other consistent promoters of the homosexual agenda are given as Kodak, Subaru, Saab, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Starbucks, Avis, Ben and Jerry’s, Walt Disney, Paramount, Budweiser, Miller, Coors, Molson, Absolut Vodka and Seagram’s. The HRC gives new, perfect 100 scores for support of the homosexual agenda to General Mills cereals, Sears, Pepsi Cola, Toyota and Kraft Foods.

Microsoft has agreed to the removal of the weblog of a dissident Chinese journalist, citing the company’s policy of abiding by local laws. Last June, the corporation acknowledged it was also censoring words such as “freedom” and “democracy” from its Chinese MSN portal.

Microsoft, along with Hewlett Packard, Nike, Boeing and other companies, is the subject of a boycott effort by a Washington state Christian pastor, who objects to those companies’ support of a homosexual civil rights bill in that state. The bill has been rejected by legislators annually for the last 30 years.

And Sony Music, in co-operation with MTV’s homosexual television channel LOGO, is reported to be launching a music label geared specifically to homosexuals. Called Music With a Twist, the venture also intends to nurture budding homosexual musicians.