My Darling Baby:

Christmas is quickly approaching and we are preparing our house for your arrival, as well as to celebrate the arrival of baby Jesus. Throughout this pregnancy, there have been many times when I have wondered how I will make it through nine months. At times, the morning sickness, headaches and never-ending fatigue seem too much to handle. I wonder how other women who have much more trying pregnancies than this one find the strength to make it through. However, the feeling of being so overwhelmed can quickly be put into perspective when we sit as a family and talk about Mary and Joseph’s journey to the birth of Jesus.

Such conversations leave me wondering what I am complaining about. I have a warm house filled with love and support; a hospital with state-of-the-art delivery rooms staffed by professionals; the support of family and friends providing endless love before, during and after your arrival; the comfort of prayer and the knowledge of God’s love to give me strength and guidance.

As hard as it can be at times to deal with the physical and emotional changes that pregnancy brings, it is important to stay focused on how blessed we are. We have been trusted with another life – a life to nurture, love, support and watch grow. For Mary and Joseph, this trust in each other and faith in God was enough to carry them through. The knowledge of their son’s imminent arrival was enough for them to endure a less than ideal birthing situation, with no family or friends around.

My darling baby, this journey into parenthood has not always been the easiest. But parenthood and life itself is not always an easy journey. The important thing to remember is that regardless of what else, we have God, who is always there for us. On Christmas, we will be remembering the journey Mary and Joseph went through, celebrating the birth of Jesus and sharing gifts with one another. Later this spring, we will be remembering our journey, celebrating your birth and thanking God for the gift of this journey and your life.

May you continue to grow in peace.