Should Scripture Be More Trans-Friendly?

Donald De Marco The Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (U.K.) have issued a new set of guidelines that introduces an assortment of “trans-friendly” terms. The concern is to avoid offending people who have been transgendered by insisting that there is such a thing as distinct sexes. The guidelines instruct doctors, nurses, and midwives to use gender-neutral terms. Thus, “chestfeeding” should replace “breastfeeding” [...]

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Chile rape victim insists on keeping baby

SANTIAGO, Chile – An 11-year old Chilean girl who became pregnant after being repeatedly raped by her stepfather has declared that she wants to keep her baby. “I’m going to love the baby very much, even though it comes from that man who hurt me,” the unidentified girl told local media. The girl’s decision has created opposition from the pro-abortion side, which [...]

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Save the Mothers tackles maternal health in East

Every year, 358,000 mothers and 4 million babies die or are stillborn because of poor maternal care. Put another way, 800 women die every day from preventable causes related to pregnancy. Approximately three per cent of women living in sub-Saharan Africa die because of complications relating to pregnancy. Save the Mothers is a Canadian charity that is attempting to remedy these preventable [...]

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The true meaning and value of motherhood

The second Sunday of May, Mother's Day, gives families a chance to thank, honour and celebrate the people who are closest to us and who teach us how to love: our mothers. Indeed, mothers make families possible. As such, motherhood is necessary and essential for society itself. This fact, of course, is rarely acknowledged and motherhood is not highly esteemed in our [...]

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A ‘fish’ with a future

Our son, Paul, was the first of our five children to marry. He and his wife, Fran, wanted to become parents soon after they had become husband and wife. That is to say, as soon as it was proper and reasonable. But children, of course, are not conceived to order. A couple of childless years passed and the hopeful couple began praying [...]

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International Mother’s Day Walk for Life

On Mother's Day, 70 Canadian and American pro-lifers gathered at Mather's park at the base of the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie, Ont., for the 31st International Mother's Day Walk for Life. They gathered to remember children who are victims of abortion, witness to the fact that human life is a gift from God, and to demand action from legislators to fully [...]

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Miracles still happen

Does God still talk to man with signs and wonders? Or did He stop communicating with his children 2,000 years ago? Are miracles a thing of the past, or are they taking place as often and potently as each plea is voiced? It appears as though God is still in touch with his creatures in a profound way. He did say that [...]

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A repugnant display

On July 13, Jess Dobkin, a Toronto performance artist, presented what was called “the Lactation Station” at Toronto’s OCAD art school. The Canada Council for the Arts granted a sum of $9,000 for this exhibit, which allowed participants to “sample” the breast milk of six different women. The mission statement behind this “piece” was to deal with something that is “taboo” and [...]

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A woman’s abortion trauma

Jennifer is a 27-year-old woman. She has a beautiful, whimsical face, delicate but well-defined features, long chestnut hair and a slight figure. She is a mother of an eight-year-old son. She works with paramedics and crisis response teams and has the semblance of a once tough-minded individual. But since November 2005, she has become victim to panic attacks brought on by having [...]

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The abortion pill by any other name

Natalie Hudson The Interim On a beautiful, sunny day this past August, a young woman, eight weeks pregnant, walked into a Canadian medical clinic to inquire about an abortion. The attending doctor gave her two tablets of Cytotec, also known as misoprostol, without a prescription. This is a drug that is legal in Canada and commonly used for gastric ulcers. In this [...]

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Doctor warns the practice of obstetrics is dying

Matercare International head addresses Campaign Life’s summer students John Jalsevac The Interim “Pro-life people don’t appreciate what’s happened to obstetrics,” lamented Dr. Robert Walley as he addressed summer student workers at Campaign Life Coalition’s Toronto office. “The practice of obstetrics is dying and it will be an enormous problem.” Walley is the executive director of Matercare International, a Newfoundland-based charity, the self-professed [...]

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Abortion worst thing I ever did, says Osbourne

Dina Kok The Interim In the new book, Sharon Osbourne: Unauthorized, Uncensored – Understood, the trials and tribulations of the famous wife of heavy metal star Ozzy Osbourne are revealed by author Sue Crawford. Of particular interest is the disclosure of an abortion Osbourne underwent at the young age of 17. Osbourne was ordered to have the abortion by her mother, who [...]

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Study allows mothers to speak out Special to The Interim In time for Mother’s Day, a new report was published by the Motherhood Project, containing fresh insights into mom’s attitudes and concerns. The 55-page document contained some obvious, as well as surprising, insights. The study was a rigorous, large-scale investigation, led by a team of social science researchers. The Motherhood Study featured a survey of more than [...]

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Book helps guide single parents

The Whole Parent: Book One: 12 Steps to Serenity for Unwed Parents, a Practical Life Guide By Margot Sheahan (VCA Publishing, 115 pages, $12.95 U.S.) Review by Marie Dooley The Interim This book is well written, and although a short book such as this can never solve all the problems of single parenthood, it manages to give some practical guidelines, with testimonies [...]

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