Christina Tuns

My Darling Baby:

Over the past couple of weeks I have been reminded how quickly one can go from saying I can’t wait for this pregnancy to be over to I just want to be pregnant as long as possible.

A couple of weeks ago during one of my regular doctor’s visits, we discovered that my blood pressure was a little high. The doctor said it was something we would watch and to continue on our lives as per normal. Unfortunately, at last week’s appointment the news wasn’t so great. My blood pressure was high enough for me to be diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and I was directed to begin complete bed rest immediately.

The doctor offered me the opportunity to try a week of bed rest at home instead of going the hospital as long as I followed a couple of guidelines. I must have another adult around to watch your brother and sister; I have to be aware of any danger signs and go to the hospital immediately if any of them appear; that I only get out of bed to go to the washroom. I assured him I could handle all of these things and left his office in a state of bewilderment.

As soon as Kathryn and I reached the car, I began making phone calls to concerned relatives. I was again reminded of how much love and support you grandparents give to us and how willing they are to drop everything and change their plans whenever we need them. Later that day, your dad’s parents arrived, I was banished to the bed and the constant explaining to Kathryn that I couldn’t get up and play began.

Since that day I have spent all my time laying down and watching the days go by. This is incredibly difficult yet necessary for both of our well-being. I can’t even begin to describe how hard it is to know that all you can offer to your unborn baby is a safe and secure place to grow and develop may no longer be available.

We know how very fortunate we are to have made it so far so in this pregnancy. But while the doctor considers an early induction or c-section, each day that I can remain pregnant is another day for you to grow bigger and stronger. I find myself thinking of you constantly with the hope that your body continues to grow quickly and for my body to slow down and give you time.

This whole pregnancy has been a roller coaster ride. I am so thankful that our family has the strength to get through this and that as the ride is about to finish. My darling, I hope that your arrival into the world is a smooth one. But whatever happens we have each other to rely on.

May you continue to grow in peace,

Love Mommy