“We would appreciate your discretion in not publicizing our project or this survey.” So states the letter sent out in March announcing the “Crisis Pregnancy Centres” Project, courtesy of the Pro-Choice Action Network’s Joyce Arthur. I received my copy from one of the “sisters” it was addressed to, so I thought I would mention it to you in confidence.

CPC’s around Canada have also known about it for some time. The study is basically a questionnaire, where Arthur tries to dig to see just how popular the local CPC is, then attempts to gather any dirt on the local CPC as well. It reminds one of the never-ending, old attempts by the “pro-choice” movement to entrap crisis pregnancy centres, the number one competition to Abortion, Inc. in Canada and the U.S. Some media have, from time to time, picked up the story as well – stories planted by the very same people and organizations that have the most to gain.

Anyway, Joyce explains what she has planned: “…the overall goal of this project is to try and mitigate these negative influences through further research, public education, media work and political lobbying.” She continues: “We’ve already done considerable research, enough to strongly indicate that many of these centres are providing misleading and inaccurate information to clients who may be considering abortion, and that the counselling approach used by many of these centres is based on inducing negative emotions in already-vulnerable women, in order to dissuade them from seeking abortions.”

Now, all these goals are important, for a variety of reasons. When their “study” has been completed, we will be able to discern, by the pathetic news reporters that pick up this “unbiased” study, who are pro-abortion hacks and who paid attention in their Journalism Ethics 101 class.

Next, we have “political lobbying.” Once again, the release of such an “unbiased” study by the Pro-Choice Action Network is like having Big Tobacco release an “unbiased” study showing that the banning of smoking in public places is unhealthy for you.

It just won’t cut it.

I assume the “political lobbying” will be to try to silence any and all opposition to abortion. In fact, given the pro-“choice” movement’s commitment to stamping out any and all opposition to abortion, you can be sure of it.

It is only natural that they would turn their gaze to the one movement that stands in the way of their achieving society’s never meeting an abortion it didn’t like.

Crisis pregnancy centres, where women actually receive data and information that challenges the “blob of tissue” theory, have, for many years, worked hard to provide alternatives to abortion. Canada’s abortuaries, meanwhile, offer one choice and one choice only. In my city of Kelowna, the abortion mill at the local hospital will phone women who have missed appointments to convince them to return for their abortion. In counselling here, women are talked into their abortion and no information is given on alternatives to abortion.

But, no matter. We all wait with bated breath for Joyce Arthur’s survey to be completed and the public part of her project to begin. Work is already beginning to prepare the material need to counter her project and provide a little background for media and politicians on just what is the Pro-Choice Action Network.