As we report on page three, the Halton Catholic District School Board caved to gay activists and their allies in the media, by rescinding their admirable and principled equity and inclusion policy that respected and upheld Catholic moral teaching on the issue of homosexuality, while respecting the dignity inherent in all human beings. But for gay activists, who are no friends of Catholic education nor the life and family movement, nothing less than full affirmation of the homosexual lifestyle would be tolerated.

Under Canon law, bishops are ultimately responsible for Catholic schools in their dioceses. At the very least, they should be providing some leadership when there is pressure to alter education policies in ways that violate Catholic moral teaching. Instead, there has been a deafening silence among the ecclesiastical leaders in the church.

But gay activists were not silent. They flooded the board meeting with supporters and put pressure on the elected school board to accommodate their homosexualist agenda. The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association, the teachers’ union, is walking lockstep with EGALE, the country’s largest gay-rights advocacy group. So we must ask who has a greater influence on Catholic education in Ontario: EGALE or the bishops?