In the days before we went to press, two major abortion-related stories broke in the press. MP Stephen Woodworth (CPC, Kitchener Center) introduced a motion that may affect life issues as it focuses on “legal recognition of the equal worth and dignity of every human being.” In another breaking story, the Canadian Press reported that minutes obtained under the Access to Information Act illustrates there was “tension” within the Mulroney cabinet leading up to the introduction of Bill C-43.

We appreciate all attempts to acknowledge the dignity of each human life and applaud Woodworth’s efforts to continue the work he began with M-312 in 2012. Likewise, we welcome the “window” to the goings-on that led to the 1991 Mulroney abortion bill.

Time and space constraints prevented us from reporting on these developments in this edition of the paper. We will have stories on both these news items in the January issue.