The Editorial

Dr. Bernard Nathanson held court at a press conference organized by the Physicians for Life at the Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown Toronto on January 21, 1983.

He charged the representatives of the various media with ignoring the “fetal facts.”

Advances in fetology (the study of the child in the womb) had forced Nathanson to admit to himself that abortion was indeed the killing of an innocent human being. So, he converted to the pro-life side.

He warned the press that, because of abortion, historians would judge this society to be one of the most brutal in the whole history of mankind.

As expected, the press virtually ignored his words: we did not.

The Interim was born in March 1983.

Thanks to you, our readers, and thanks to your support, our monthly distribution has climbed to 35,000 in the month of February 1984.

We wait for the law to be changed so that it again protects the unborn, and we encourage you to work to change it. In the interim, we will be here faithfully speaking out for the rights of the unborn, the handicapped, the aged and all other groups targeted as less-than-human.