There is something deeply wrong with a country when remedying a lack of democracy becomes a campaign promise. The so-called “democratic deficit” is not new: Canadians have silently endured it for many years. How ironic that Canada, one of the earliest examples of responsible government, should have squandered so much of its heritage of freedom. Imperceptibly, democratic participation has lapsed into apathy. Canadians ceased demanding good government and settled for tolerable care-taking. Unfortunately, a congenial lassitude on the part of the electorate has invited the worst kind of political operatives: ambition and evil soon fill the vacuum created by sloth and indifference.

Yet, in Canada, it seems that the political will needed to effect change emerges only in the aftermath of scandal. But, as outrage cools to disgust, an increasing number of Canadians are choosing simply to opt out of the political process, leaving the fate of the country in the hands of partisans voting along party or geographical lines.

But for those concerned about the future of Canada, such disengagement is impossible. The last year has seen the passage of some of the most radical legislation ever proposed in the House of Commons. Just as the right to life has been brutally dispatched by those in power, so too freedoms of expression and free association are now being restricted by laws unprecedented in our history.

The time for action is now. It is imperative that pro-life Canadians vote in the upcoming election, and that they vote for defenders of life in all parties. Apathy is a luxury that concerned Canadians do not have.

Despite draconian legislation and radical Supreme Court decisions, power remains with the people. New legislation can be proposed, the notwithstanding clause can be invoked: Canadians can still take back their country.

The choice, of course, is ours. Without our prayers and hard work now, there will be no pro-life victories on June 28th. Without our commitment of time and, yes, money, there will be no chance to save Canada from the abyss of the Culture of Death. Vote! Vote for Life! And, most of all, pray!