CALGARY – 73-year-old Stell Attrell has been a consistent witness for life outside Calgary’s Kensington abortuary for the past six years. With her husband Johnnie always nearby, her many long, lonely hours of witnessing for life have saved several mothers and their babies from abortion.

Stella has also been the victim of two assaults by abortion supporters. Once, she suffered cracked ribs and a second time her wrist was broken after she was shoved to the ground. The hardships and assaults did not deter Stella as she continued to be Calgary’s most faithful pro-life presence outside the abortuary.

The Attrells recently announed that they are retiringto live near family in Vernon, B.C. The Calgary pro-life community responded to the news by organizing a special evening to honor the Attrells’ exceptional dedication.

On October 18, many of the ciy’s key activists and their families gathered for a warm, western pot-luck dinner and farewell celebration at the Alberta Family Life Centre. Reform MPs Eric Lowther and Rob Anderson and MP Jason Kenny’s executive assistant Peggy Anderson, were present for the evening to honor the Attrells (Jason Kenny was out of the province). MP Diane Ablonczy had also planned to be with friends at the centre but had to cancel at the last minute and instead sent a warm message. Calgary Herald editor Peter Stockland and his wife, and Western Report writer Joe Woodard and his family were also present.

This evening of family-type speeches, singing, prayer and fellowship was a great credit to the caring pro-life community of Calgary.