National March for Life 2021

Paul Tuns For the second consecutive year, the National March for Life in Ottawa was affected by the pandemic, although this year they were able to hold a smaller event and march as approximately 500 people attended in-person to hear a smaller program of speakers before marching through the streets in the nation’s capital. Campaign Life Coalition, which was forced to provide [...]

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US March for Life scaled down, going virtual

By Interim Staff The organizers of the March for Life in Washington D.C., announced that the massive annual gathering was to be limited to a select number of pro-life leaders who were going to be invited to demonstrate in person, with the masses being asked to join the event online. “The protection of all of those who participate in the annual March, [...]

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The Holy Spectre haunting the movement

By Josie Luetke Shortly after I became involved in the pro-life movement, I became cognizant of the push by mostly younger members to secularize its branding, even though we were all Christian. Green as I was and enamored with the clarity of the science of when life begins and the simplicity of the philosophical arguments against abortion, I was sympathetic. Pro-life could [...]

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Virtual National March for Life

  Campaign Life Coalition vice president Matt Wojciechowski and CLC Youth coordinator Josie Luetke host the 2020 Virtual National March for Life. Forced to cancel the National March for Life scheduled for May 14 due to the coronavirus pandemic, Campaign Life Coalition hosted a Virtual National March for Life online, along with a full week of events including a film festival, a [...]

May 10-15 Virtual March for Life

Campaign Life Coalition has scrambled to organize a virtual and truly national March for Life the second week of May after city and provincial officials closed down events and venues because of COVID-19, making the annual event in Ottawa an impossibility. Pro-lifers across Canada are asked to tune into the livestream at throughout the week for a number of events. [...]

2020 Virtual National March for Life across Canada

Virtual National March for Life across Canada May 10th - 14th, 2020   CLC is developing an online program for May 14 to “provide a national platform for Canadians to speak out against the greatest human rights injustices facing our country.” Information regarding the Virtual National March will be available at: MarchforLife website. A statement released by CLC stated. “The health and [...]

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Coronavirus-related pro-life stories

Canadian abortionists respond to covid-19 On March 18, Global Newsreported on how various work environments were impacted by the coronavirus; one was a Toronto abortuary. Jane Gerster reported on the “seemingly never-ending list of cancellations and closures,” noting that “The situation changes almost hourly.” She sought out human interest stories on how the widespread closure “is already changing people’s lives nationwide,” including [...]

Trump addresses the March for Life

As estimated half million people took part in the march for life in Washington. Editor’s Note:On Jan. 24, President Donald Trump addressed the 2020 March for Life in Washington, D.C. It was the first time a sitting president has addressed the March in person. It is my profound honor to be the first president in history to attend the March [...]

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Man who assaulted pro-lifer given probation

Jordan Hunt was given a conditional sentence after roundhouse kicking Marie-Claire Bissonnette at LifeChain last October. The Toronto hairstylist, Jordan Hunt, who was filmed roundhouse kicking a pro-life protester in what became a viral video in October of last year, was given a conditional discharge and eight months probation on June 13. The video that went viral of Hunt assaulting [...]

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Liberals go on attack over abortion

Women's Affairs Minister Maryam Monsef was upset that a dozen Tory MPs appeared at the National March for Life. With the federal election five months away, the Justin Trudeau Liberals stepped up  their attacks on Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives by stoking the abortion issue. The week after the National March for Life in Ottawa, Minister for Women and Gender [...]

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17,000 take part in Ottawa march

On May 9, more than 17,000 pro-lifers, most of them youth took part in the National March for Life in Ottawa. The annual march, organized by Campaign Life Coalition, is the largest pro-life event in Canada. CLC national president Jeff Gunnarson opened the proceedings for the march by welcoming “crazy, wonderful pro-lifers,” and noting that it was colder at the march in [...]

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