Preparations are well under way in Hamilton to host the National Pro-Life Conference in July. Taking the theme of “The Canadian Quilt … A Life Pattern,” the Hamilton committee, headed up by the Hamilton Right to Life President Jacqueline De Jong, plan to make the conference an opportunity to promote the national pro-life quilt project, which seeks to unite pro-life Canadians in one single nationwide endeavor.

Throughout the conference, participants will have an opportunity to make patches (each one remembering one child) to go into quilts which will be a visual memorial to all unborn children lost through abortion.

After May 9, 1999 finished quilts will number in the thousands, and will be donated to relief organizations and other people or causes which might find them useful.

The actual committee has been in place since before September with four formal meetings taking place in Hamilton since that time. In all, nine sub-committees are in place and enthusiastically preparing what promises to be an excellent conference for all.

The Hamilton co-ordinating committee, which has representation from the leadership of both Alliance for Life and Campaign Life Coalition, has already completed much of the work towards the events, speakers and activities to take place on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday (July 2-4, 1998).

Redeemer College

The conference is set to take place at Redeemer College campus, Ancaster, Ontario, just on the outskirts of the city proper. This beautiful location is well situated in historic Ancaster on the edge of the Niagara escarpment on approximately 100 acres of land. Accommodations will be available in the residence townhouses on campus which can comfortably house large family groupings in a single unit.

Everything is within walking distance on the campus which has been compared to a little village. The college building itself contains all the conference meeting and eating facilities under one roof. In addition off-campus hotel accommodation will also be available.

For those coming from out of the area or the province, there has been arranged an evening bus excursion to take in the sights of Niagara Falls.

The host committee has prepared a full schedule of talks and workshops. Conference sessions have been organized to present a wide range of topics which will include assisted suicide, political lobbying, media awareness, court cases and pro-life legislation to name but a few.

There are several informative and inspirational speakers scheduled. Featured speakers at this years’ conference tenatively include Senator Anne Cools, London, Ontario Mayor Diane Haskett, U.S. Congressman Chris Smith, Gilles Grondin of Campange Quebec Vie and many others.