A June 19 presentation ceremony at the CLC Lobby Office in Ottawa honored Sue Hierlihy, retiring Director of Public Affairs for Campaign Life Coalition

Friends, volunteers, family and co-workers joined President Jim Hughes in offering best wishes to Sue in her retirement, and in commiserating with each other over the loss of someone with her talents and qualities to the Lobby Office.

After almost 10 years in the pioneer position of public affairs, Sue is to be congratulated for breaking much new ground to establish a comfortable rapport between CLC and Members of Parliament in Ottawa.

She became the real Jack-of-all-trades and engaged in lobbying, writing, editing, organizing meetings and seminars, managing a sometimes fractious office staff and consulting with, and giving help to everyone within the organization.

Sue was surprised when folks began assembling at the office and was quite shocked when she was presented with her new “throne” — a marvellous collection of woodshed gatherings assembled by some artistic genius into a high-backed, sturdy armchair for Sue to enjoy on her porch all summer.

We’ll find Sue in her chair, tall refreshment in hand, a book on her lap, the flowers blooming in her garden, the bees buzzing, husband Terry building something in the yard, the dog “Tucker” asleep on the deck, cool breezes wafting by . . . isn’t that what retirement means? Sue, we wish you every dream you ever had.