The full membership of Campaign Life Coalition Ottawa-Carleton is invited to participate in the Strategy 2001 Conference, scheduled for April 18, 1998 in Ottawa.

The time has come to lay the cornerstone for a rejuvenated political movement, re-organized so that no pro-life supporter is left out. Organizers foresee a movement that is “well structured and produces results.”

The Strategy 2001 Conference will expand on the Campaign Life Coalition document Goals and Structure, first presented at the 1997 Charlottetown Conference. The document has to be implemented in Ottawa-Carleton.

It is expected that the conference will provide a renewed sense of unity and purpose and will secure a future for political activism in Ottawa-Carleton.

Each federal riding needs a vibrant, small scare pro-life force that will be effective in the local area. Conference organizers want to do away with the notion of having only a few people carrying the burden of pro-life work.

All committed pro-lifers are encouraged to become involved to make a difference in their particular riding. Organizers are hoping for near 100 per cent participation.

For more information, or to volunteer call Paul Lauzon or Wanda Hartlin at (613) 729-0379