The fourth annual Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco took place on Jan. 19. I had been to the Washington March for Life seven or eight times and the one in Ottawa several times as well. I figured Washington would get a large turn out (they ended up with 225,000 participants) and one more or less there wouldn’t be noticed. So I decided to take part in the newer, smaller pro-life witness in San Francisco.

I looked on South West Airlines’ website for prices to San Francisco and was happy see $99 each way per person from Buffalo. I asked my wife Maggie if it sounded like a nice idea to make a weekend of it and off we went. San Francisco is a lovely city and I recommend it as a holiday destination. I also highly recommend it as a pro-life destination when it comes to a walk or march. The pro-life crowd ended up being about 25,000 people, the walk was long but scenic and, most important, it was an excellent opportunity to witness to the 250 abortion supporters who were there counter-protesting. The pro-life speakers, before the walk began, were very motivational and inspirational. They included Dr. Alveda King, the late Martin Luther King’s niece, and Gianna Jensen, a survivor of a saline abortion, plus others.

Maggie and I carried Canadian flags with us. We managed to get the hotel desk clerk to lend me a broom handle and some duct tape for the big flag. We brought the red and white Maple Leaf flags so that the walk organizers would see that participants came from far and wide.

What struck Maggie was the meanness and anger of the pro-aborts. Some were yelling and shouting unpleasantries towards the pro-life people in the walk. They appeared to be a collection of socialists, communists, sometimes masked, angry radical-looking groups. Maggie asked why the lesbian contingent were tauntingly kissing each other and what that had to do with the anti-life movement. I shrugged. It was quite drastic, the difference in behaviour between the two groups – pro-life and pro-abortion.

It once again confirms in my mind that the pro-aborts are not guided or motivated by love.

The pro-aborts had signs that were insulting and one was quite nauseating, it read, “I’ll do it with my bare hands.” I wonder if she really would?

Actually, considering what they represent, it should not come as a surprise that they are generally mean, vocally vicious, angry, hostile and self-centred. Not that we shouldn’t love them and pray for them.

My wife asked the very nice police officer (one of 300) why they had riot helmets and riot clubs with them, considering that the pro-lifers were peaceful. He said they weren’t worried about the 25,000 pro-life people, but the other crowd of 250 they were concerned about. The policeman said that there are many marches and protests that happen in San Francisco, but they love coming to the Walk for Life the most because they know that the pro-lifers are nice and peaceful.

I encourage everyone who is reading this to try and attend as many pro-life walks and marches as possible, because I know it can turn the hearts of whoever sees us. I know it has a positive impact on some of the pro-aborts as well. We can save lives and souls and we can show the world that we care, that we are motivated by love and that we will not stop until there is recognition and protection for everyone from conception to natural death. Everyone is special — even the usual suspects on the other side.

Father Frank Pavone, of Priests for Life, was another speaker and said at the end of the walk, “Prayer is very important, but action is as well.” He went on to say that when the fire alarm goes off at a fire hall, the firemen are more than likely to pray that no victim gets hurt in the fire, but they also rush out to the fire and take action.

Isn’t that reason enough to come to the National March for Life in May and any other march that you can make it to?