September 30th - October 2nd Toronto, Ontario



Though student pro-life leaders have many great ideas to impact their campus, oftentimes they lack the funds to do an event or campaign effectively. While balancing the club with their classes, jobs and other commitments, it can be difficult to fundraise. Thanks to collaboration among three pro-life organizations, a new grant of $1,500 is now being offered to campus pro-life groups to support their pro-life efforts on campus. The Interim and Niagara Region RTL are sponsoring the grant, while National Campus Life Network (NCLN) facilitates it through distributing and accepting the applications.

Dan DiRocco, subscription manager and chair of the business board of The Interim explains, “The Interim recognizes the importance of what the young people on university campuses are doing to spread the pro-life message and wanted to highlight and support those efforts. Niagara Region RTL is providing the funding, while The Interim is providing the coverage and hopefully expanding its own reach to the young audience that the university groups represent.”

NCLN’s executive director, Rebecca Richmond, shares her enthusiasm for the grant on behalf of her organization: “We are thrilled to have this support for the groups from The Interim and Niagara Region RTL.” Richmond worked with DiRocco to design the grant based on NCLN’s experience working with university students.

To be considered, the groups are asked to complete an application that includes an event proposal, along with a tentative budget. The grant will be given to the group whose event proposal demonstrates creativity, planning, and leadership and will have a substantial impact on the university culture.

“The effect of the grant will be twofold,” Richmond explained to The Interim. “It will provide one club each year with a substantial sum to hold a large event or series of activities and it will also encourage early preparation, planning, and creativity – all of which are key to having an impact on campus.”

The grant was announced in August and the deadline to apply is Sept. 2.

Currently NCLN is reviewing the proposals and will be making their recommendations to the grant sponsors who will select the winning group.

The grant will be presented to the winning group by the sponsors at NCLN’s annual national symposium, Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, in Toronto.

The symposium, themed “Breaking Through,” is often cited as a “must-attend” event for pro-life students on campuses across Canada. The weekend brings together students from coast to coast for presentations by experts in life issues, practical skill-building workshops, networking and fellowship. Richmond recalls, “It wasn’t long ago that I attended the symposium as a student and, following the weekend, I felt much more equipped and confident for the year of campus activism ahead of me.  I was energized, inspired and was able to bring that back to my group on campus.”

Richmond explains the meaning of the theme: “The theme refers to breaking through whatever is holding students back from fully engaging in their activism on campus as well as breaking through the apathy and the anti-life messages that are prevalent on campus.”

This year students will hear from speakers such as Angelina Steenstra of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign; Christina Lamb, a registered nurse; Jose Ruba of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform; and the Sisters of Life, among others. Topics covered will vary from apologetics training to club strategies to euthanasia and assisted suicide and more.

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