WINNIPEG – St. Vital Roman Catholic Church in Winnipeg was the site of a two-pronged celebration September 23, marking

the first anniversary of the death of Joe Borowski, one of Canada’s leading defenders of unborn children.

The day began with Mass led by St. Vital pastor Father Pat Morand and 10 concelebrants.  In his homily, Father Morand stressed the need to offer thanks for people like Mother Teresa and Joe Borowski. He reminded the gathering to be mindful of their mortality as a means of maintaining respect for all life.

The entire length of one wall of the church was covered with pro-life posters, which had been created by the young people of
the parish. Winners in three categories were chosen by five judges, and presented with a plaque, while a dozen others received
honorable mention.

Following the Mass, a monument for the aborted children was dedicated on the parish grounds in honor of Borowski. It was
donated by Father Morand as a visible sign of his respect and admiration for the pro-lifer. Borowski’s granddaughter Jenny laid a bouquet of roses at the foot of the monument in a moving tribute.

On hand for the event was Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes, who was a personal friend of Borowski.
Following the ceremony, Hughes made a presentation to priests and laity, leaving both groups with a challenge to uphold the
value of human life. The previous day, he had visited the parish high school to speak to students about life issues. Later that day, Hughes conducted an activist meeting for a crowd of more than 75 enthusiastic pro-life supporters.

Although Borowski’s grave is situated hundreds of miles away in Wishert, Saskatchewan, the city of Winnipeg now has a
tangible shrine dedicated to this great defender of life.